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Sherry and Lee Shaw

My husband Lee and I are retired. Lee retired from the Airport where he was in the Airport Communications Center as a Police Dispatcher and general information operator and I retired from retail sales management. Prior to that we traveled quite a bit for the U.S. Air Force (Lee retired as a Master Sergeant). We have had the very good fortune to have lived in Texas, Alaska, Mississippi, Germany, Florida, and then back to Texas, where I was born and grew up. Lee was born in Australia, but got to Texas (where his dad's family lived) as quickly as possible.

I love to read (almost anything, but a good mystery is the "best"), and enjoy lots of different kinds of crafts, including jewelry making (beading), stained glass, needlework, painting (everything from bad landscapes to birdhouses).  The thing that most interests me at this time is Genealogy. I spend quite a bit of time researching our family trees on It always amazes me that once you get many generations back, the peasants never had children, only the royalty. Would you believe that I am related to Princess this and Duke that? What fun!

Lee has been a "Ham Radio Operator" since soon after we were married and now holds an Advanced Class License. This allows him to talk all over the world (at no charge) to people he has never met and discuss such things as location, propogation, elevation, antennae type and size and the weather, and on almost every occassion the operator at the other end speaks English. Amazing! (Now of course, people can talk all over the world to people they usually know via the internet, but that is a "recent inovation".)

Instead of children we have cats. At present we have four assorted spayed female cats. Lee has decided that the cute "Welcome" plaque we have at the front door must be written in a language that cats can read, because that last five kitties we''ve had have simply shown up at the door or over in our neighbor's yard. Naturally since we have absolutely no willpower we have taken them in. But our four are all we will have for a very long time, since there is no place for another litter box. SO DO NOT BRING YOUR LEFTOVER CATS TO MY HOUSE!

Well, that's enough about us, what about you?


Location: San Antonio, Texas
Occupation: Retired
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