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About our Association

BPNA for 2016

Hello, and welcome to the Blossom Park Neighborhood Association web page. This page went up on the internet on August 26th, 1999 and is still a work in progress. Please drop in from time-to-time to see how we are progressing. Thank you for visiting with us. The members of the Board of Directors for 2016 are:

  • President - Marilyn Jowdy (210) 499-5233
  • Vice President - Carol Thompson (210) 496-3908
  • Treasurer -Esther Grindle (210) 496-5949
  • Secretary - Bill Hayman (210) 494-7104
  • Corresponding Secretary - Alex Mannering
  • Director of Communications - Alana Woods (210) 455-5194 alana005@yahoo,com
  • Director - Jack Van Winkle (210)494-5813
  • Director - Clint Scheible  (210) 496-2531
  • Director - Dennis Duggan  (210) 8811-9010
  • Past President - Mike Pickett (210) 490-6400
  • D9NA Representative -  Marilyn Jowdy (210) 499-5233
  • BPNA Website - Jack Van Winkle (210) 494-5813

We at the Blossom Park Neighborhood Association (BPNA) are delighted that you are inquiring about this quiet and wonderfully centrally located subdivision. The BPNA is a wholly voluntary association. We are a small, but growing group of dedicated neighbors who recognize the importance of having an organization to speak for them on matters of importance to the neighborhood.

The Blossom Park Neighborhood Association was organized in the summer of 1996 when it was discovered that the San Antonio River Authority was surveying the area between Blossom Park and McAllister Park in preparation to construct a dam. It was later learned that the San Antonio River Authority had been planning to construct a flood retarding structure known as 15 Revised (15R) for more than thirty years. This project was part of a larger plan called the Salado Creek Watershed Project. This was the first time that most residents in this neighborhood had heard of this project.

It soon became apparent that we, the residents of Blossom Park, needed a voice with the San Antonio River Authority and others. Thanks to the efforts of the BPNA, working closely with the Mayor, the Council, San Antonio River Authority, and its parent organization, the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC), we arrived at a compromise over what was originally planned. The original size and footprint of the dam was scaled down and moved further into the park! In addition, a small screen of trees was left intact between some areas of the neighborhood and the dam proper. These changes have helped to reduce the impact of the dam on the neighborhood. The dam was completed and dedicated in October 2004.

After a few meetings to discuss the issues, draft and adopt our by-laws, and pay our dues, we were off to a start. Over the years, the BPNA has been instrumental in working issues with the Mayor's office, the City Council, San Antonio River Authority, Public Works, Texas Disposal Systems, and others. Last, but certainly not least, we were one of the seven founding members of the District 9 Neighborhood Alliance (D9NA). The D9NA now boasts over 30 member neighborhoods and businesses.

Visit the D9NA web site at

We are a voice on your behalf on issues affecting all of Blossom Park. In your name, we attend the D9NA monthly meetings, which keep us informed of activities in this district. We also attend meetings with our City Councilperson to discuss issues important to good government and other items relevant to our community. Some of us serve on various City Boards or Commissions. Each year we sponsor two Neighborhood-wide Garage Sales as well as two Neighborhood Wide Clean-up days in conjunction with Keep San Antonio Beautiful. We work issues on such diverse subjects as the dam, street and alley maintenance, drainage ditch maintenance, grass cutting along the boundaries between us and McAllister Park, speed humps, police patrols (when needed), street lighting and signage, Code Compliance issues, COPS classes and membership, and whatever else we can do that will improve the quality of life of our residents. For example, we asked for and received a "demand light" for safer and more convenient ingress to Blossom Park from Jones-Maltsberger. Also, by working closely with our Councilman, we have had our streets and alleys repaired and/or resurfaced, and railings throughout the neighborhood repainted.

We are a voluntary association, and our elected board of directors serves on a voluntary basis only - no monies go to them individually or as a group. Out of nearly 450 neighborhood and homeowner associations in and around San Antonio, less than 10% are voluntary. This is why membership in BPNA is so important! We listen to you, and they - the "powers that be" - listen to us. The more members BPNA has, the louder our voice with the organizations we deal with.

BPNA dues are only $20.00 per year and help to:

  • Defray the cost of publishing and distributing the Newsletter (usually sent out quarterly). The Newsletter offers a great opportunity to advertise or look for babysitters, yard care, or Jacks-of-all-trades, as well as keeping you informed of the latest news pertinent to our area. Also you may use this format to sell personal property. Members receive one free ad per year. Non members must pay $10.00 per ad per issue.
  • Donate to "Keep San Antonio Beautiful" ($25 per year in support of their program)
  • Pay for advertising and defray costs associated with our two Neighborhood-wide Cleanup events
  • Pay for membership in D9NA for the voting member.
  • Defray the costs associated with advertising our two Neighborhood-wide Garage Sales.
  • Pay for advertising, entertainment and refreshments at our annual "Neighbor's Night Out" in conjunction with the "National Night Out" on the first Tuesday in October each year. This event affords us a great opportunity to meet YOU and see old friends! Many of us are "original owners" and are very glad to greet newcomers to our neighborhood
  • This event also gives the members of the Board an opportunity to meet you, our neighbors and members. We enjoy a block party with picnic fare, entertainment, static displays, and fun for kids of all ages!!!
  • Pay for upkeep (paint and painting supplies and repair materials, as well as maintenance ) on the two entrance islands into Blossom Park.
  • Pay for up-dating and/or replacement of our signage and frames.

Thank you for your interest in Blossom Park and if we can be of any further assistance, please feel free to call the President or any BPNA Board Member.

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