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Hello Neighbors!

My name is Harry D. Clements, Jr. I was born, and raised, in Miami, Florida. I moved to Georgia in 2006 to a small town in South Georgia, named Cairo, where my mother settled six years before. I decided to move to Atlanta when the 'country life' got to be a little to slow-paced for me. I have been a resident of Grove Park since 2008. I moved into a home on Arlington Circle and since, have come to know well many of my neighbors including, long-time residents, the Carters, the Sims', the Greene's and the Reese's. In addition, I have had the pleasure of meeting former long-time residents, members of the Fullens Family.

I have a background in business administration, customer service, website building and non-profit management. Currently, I am a Board Member and Operations Manager of HIPAtlanta, a non-profit organization. I am also the founder of a community organization named, Feeding Neighbors.

My purpose for re-establishing the Grove Park Community Association is to continue the work of the departed Mr. James Malone (one234), improving the quality of life of Grove Park Community residents, through programs, events and services in conjunction with residents, state, county, and city governments, neighborhood planning units, neighborhood organizations and businesses.

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