Tip: Preserve Your Important Documents!

Improve the content on your website with these simple tips...

With your website's unlimited storage space, you can develop greater neighborhood pride, awareness, and concern for neighborhood preservation by keeping an online archive of all your important documents.

To get started: First follow these simple steps:

  • Click Pages & Links
  • Click Add
  • Choose 'Upload a Document' (You can upload any PDF, Word or Excel file on your computer.)
Some document ideas to get you started:
  • Fliers from picnics, block parties, etc.
  • Open letters from a neighborhood leader to the community
  • Forms and Applications
  • Maps
  • Budgets
  • Meeting agendas and minutes
  • Charters, Bylaws, CC&RS
Examples of how real organizations have used this feature
Carefree Crossing Estates
Courtland Square Homeowners Association
Groton Woods Condominium Association
Genesis Park
Brighton Area Homeowners Association