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The Nevada Housing Division assists low and moderate income families with various home ownership programs across the state.

The Nevada Housing Division

The Nevada Housing Division was created by the Nevada Legislature in 1975 when it was recognized that a shortage of safe, decent, and sanitary housing existed throughout Nevada for persons and families of low- and moderate-income.

First Time Home Buyer Program

The Nevada Housing Division First Time Homebuyer Program offers to low- and moderate- income first time homebuyers fixed interest rate 30-year loans with additional assistance available for down payment and closing costs.

Read more about the First Time Home Buyer Program

Multi-Family Bond Financing

The Multi-Family Bond Financing Program is designed to provide a method for financing medium to large scale affordable housing projects. . Almost all affordable housing projects that utilize bond financing are greater than $5,000,000 in size. The Housing Division encourages credit worthy projects of all sizes.

Read more about the Multi-Family Bond Financing Program

Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program

The Tax Credit Program is a federally regulated state administered program designed to help eliminate the funding gap in the creation of low- and very low-income housing projects. Federal Tax Credits, awarded on a competitive basis, provide equity financing for affordable housing projects.

Read more about the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program

Home Investment Partnership Program (HOME)

The Home Investment Partnership Program (HOME) is a federally funded, large-scale program for affordable housing. HOME is designed as a partnership among the federal government, state and local governments, and those in the private sector who build, own, manage, finance and support low-income housing initiatives.

Read more about the Home Investment Partnership Program

Low Income Housing Trust Fund

The Account for Low-Income Housing (Trust Fund) is a state-funded program for affordable housing. Funds are allocated by formula to participating jurisdictions (state and local governments) to expand and improve the supply of rental housing through new construction and rehabilitation of multifamily projects. Trust Funds may also be used to provide financing for down payment assistance and homeowner rehabilitation of single family residences, and to provide emergency assistance to families who are in danger of becoming homeless.

Read more about the Low Income Housing Trust Fund

Emergency Shelter Grant Program

The Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG) Program helps improve the quality of existing emergency shelters for the homeless; helps to make available additional emergency shelters; helps to meet the costs of operating emergency shelters; and provides certain essential social services to homeless individuals so that these persons have access not only to safe and sanitary shelter, but also to the supportive services and other kinds of assistance they need to improve their situations.

Read more about the Emergency Shelter Grant Program

Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program

The Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program assists low income persons reduce their utility bills by providing for various energy conservation measures. Assistance is provided free of charge and no liens or financial obligations are placed on individuals receiving assistance.

Read more about the Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program

Other Local Nevada Home Loan Resources

Nevada also has several first time home buyer and other home loan programs available through city, county, and other state agencies. Find a local Nevada home buyer program that is right for you on the official Nevada HUD website.

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Source: The Nevada Housing Division
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