Be Proactive and Improve Neighborhood Safety


Be Proactive and Improve Neighborhood and Home Safety

You can increase safety and security around neighborhood common areas like pools and clubhouses and even around private homes with non-lethal spike strips that help prevent daily burglaries

Property crime is on the rise and now comprises more than three-quarters of all crime in the United States.1 Sixty percent of residential burglaries occur between the daytime hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.2,the hours when most are away from homes.  Without security, property crime can be a huge problem for home and neighborhoods nationwide. Fortunately, spike strips may reduce the likelihood of intrusion and theft.

When you are Home be Vigilant!

You homes and community common areas will not be safe unless you follow good security practices. Keep all doors and windows locked, even if you are just going out "for a minute." If a window is left open a few inches for ventilation, it should be locked to prevent someone from opening it more.

  • Lock gates, garages, and sheds after each use.
  • Store bicycles, mowers, etc. in a locked garage or shed, or secure them to some stationary point.
  • Don't leave keys in mailboxes or planters, under doormats, or in other obvious hiding spots.
  • Learn to recognize who belongs in your neighborhood, development, or apartment, i.e., residents, workers, guests, etc.
  • Check photo registration card before dealing with any solicitors, peddlers, interviewers, etc. 

When you are Away have spike strips on fencing and walls

Spike strips provide an inexpensive alternative for added protection on any perimeter wall or fence by impeding a burglar’s entrance by way of climbing.  Spike strips are often UV and impact resistant, non-lethal, and can withstand extreme temperatures.  

The strips can be linked together and contoured for use on wall or fence that has a flat top with a width of at least 1 ½  inches or any standard chain-link fence with a 1 ⅝ inch wide flat top.  They can usually be painted to blend with any décor.

When speaking about property crime, the adage “the best defense is a good offense” rings true.  A homeowner’s decision to be proactive about defending against property crime gives an advantage over burglars.  Homes often fall victim to property crime because owners may forget to activate their electronic home security system prior to leaving the house.  After installation, good spike strips do not require any maintenance, will not trigger a silent alarm if there are pets in the house, and also does not rely on electricity, if the power should go out, this security system will continue to protect fenced property and possessions within the home. 



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