How to have a Garage Sale if you're in an Apartment.


There's no better time than now to host a garage sale. Unfortunately, not everyone lives in a house or has a yard. So what can you do?

Are you simply cursed to perpetually hold onto that rocking horse you got when you were seven? Don’t give up hope yet; here are five tips on how to sell your stuff without a yard or garage.

Sell online

With Craigslist and eBay being such a hotspot for used items, it’s easy to list your stuff communicate with buyers. Online, you can sell anything, including things that you wouldn’t normally find or sell at garage sales. You could also use social media to connect with friends or friends of friends that may want your stuff. When selling online, remember to factor in shipping and/or packaging that may need to be done once the item is sold.

Also, remember your personal security.  Meet potential Craiglist buyers at public places, not at your home!  Many sheriff's offices and police departments offer "safe zones" or "safe havens" for your transactions.  Check with your local law enforecement to see what your options are in your community

Communal Garage Sale

If a garage sale is unavailable to you, ask around to your neighbors; perhaps you aren’t the only one interested in selling some of your things. If this is the case and there are multiple people in your building that are interested in a yard sale, consider going together to the property manager or the condominium board for permission to sell in the parking lot, park, or yards around the building. There is power in numbers, so if you can find more like-minded people, find out what you need to do to make a communal sale happen.  A cummunal sale will often draw larger crowds than a single sale, thereby increasing the number of people seeing your items.

Use someone else’s garage or yard

If you would rather not go out of your way or simply want the garage sale experience, ask your home owning friends and family if you can borrow their garage or yard for a day. If they also want to sell some things, think about teaming up and hosting a sale together; with a variety of options, you are more likely to get more buyers stopping by. If you go for this option, remember to ask someone who lives close by, as it would cancel out the result of easily getting rid of your stuff if you had to lug your stuff across town.

Donate (Sometimes for money)

If all else fails and you are still stuck with the old rocking horse, consider donating. Some local charities and businesses even have a by-the-pound program that will come pick up your stuff and pay you for how many pounds it all weighs. If you are simply wanting to get rid of your things rather than make a pretty penny, donating may be a good option for you.

Don’t let your apartment complex be the thing that stops you. In this day and age, there are so many ways to sell your things, whether that is outside of your home, with friends and neighbors, or on the internet. Review the options in your area so that they may fit your personal needs.

Sell at flea markets

This may not always be the best option if your goal is to make money, because it can be expensive to rent a stall, and it may not always pay off. This is a better option for businesses or schools that are trying to throw away their property in bulk. However, it might still be worth it to look at all your options, and see what kind of deals are out there. There is always the chance your stuff could sell, or that renting a stall could be easy and affordable.

Source: Neighborhood Link - Sabrina Robinson
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