What goes into Building a Building?


There’s a lot that goes into creating a building, be it a home, supermarket, library, or office. You might see buildings under construction all the time, but have you ever wondered what exactly goes into building one?

Who is involved? What is needed? Read on for a brief explanation of the many roles in the construction of a building.

Who is involved in building a building?

Client(s): Obviously, there has to be a client who wants to build something, whether they are a single homeowner or a business. The client is usually the one who pays for the project.

Architects/Engineers: These are the people who design the building. They should be well-educated in their craft, and should also know what is cheap, what is modern, and what is safe.

Contractors: Contractors are the ones who do the dirty work. They know where to find the wood, drywall, concrete, and the many other materials that go into a building. They should also have references for other contractors and subcontractors as needed.

Subcontractors: Subcontractors are those who work in a specific craft. They include electricians, carpenters, interior designers, etc. They will usually be hired by the contractor to work on the building.

Developers: Sometimes, developers are involved in the project as well (though they often work in newly developed neighborhoods). Developers are those who do everything themselves from beginning to end. They develop the land (obtain the necessary permits, install pipes and sewers, delegate land to be houses or parks, etc.), design the project (or have others design the project for them), build the structure, and sell it. In a new, developing neighborhood, the developer is the one selling you the plot of land, the design for the new house, and giving you references for contractors, so you don’t have to do everything yourself.

What is involved in building a building?

Plot of land: Land that can or is developed and available is obviously one of the most important components to building a structure. This means that the land is adapted for potential plumbing, water sources, electricity, and a sturdy foundation for the building.

Zoning permit: A zoning permit is also vital to the development of a building. This is a permit from the city approving the location for the structure. This allows neighborhoods to look uniform and clean without a supermarket built in the middle of a development.

Building Permit: Building permits are also vital to a building. Occasionally, a zoning permit is issued along with a building permit; each city is different in their rules. A building permit may require approval of the plans, so that the city knows that the building will be safe and up to code. To receive a building permit, a city might also require several inspections of the worksite.

Materials: The building obviously needs to be built with safe components, whether it is wood, concrete, or something else entirely. The contractor is usually the one worrying about the materials involved.

Building a building is a complex process with many moving parts and cogs. While citizens aren’t required to know every little detail, being educated on what goes into the structures we live and work in makes for more well-rounded people overall.

Source: Neighborhood Link - Sabrina Robinson
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