5 Things to do if your House is Still on the Market


There is a wide array of reasons why your house might not have sold yet, not all of which are in your control. Location, outdated architecture, and even past events (like a crime or an accident in the house) can turn away potential buyers.

However, there are many things that are in your control; don’t let your house linger on the market because of these simple things.

Consider Price

Price is obviously a major factor when selling or buying a house. A property with too big a price tag may sometimes be the only thing keeping potential buyers from buying the home. Let your agent set the price from the beginning, as they should know the area and the market best. If the price seems off to you (too high or too low), feel free to get a second opinion. If you agent has set a reasonable price and the house still doesn’t sell, review with your agent how much you might be able to slash from the price.

Rely on your Agent

Speaking of agents, do not try to go it alone unless you really know what you’re doing. Some sellers might try to sell their house without an agent because they don’t want to pay the commission, or because they feel like they can do it by themselves. Unless you have sold a house alone before, this can be a big mistake. Agents know the ins and outs of the trade; they have been educated on what is necessary to sell property, and how best to portray it. Of course, if you feel that your agent may be the problem, you may want to hire a new one. An unenthused agent can lead sellers to believe that the house is not as great as it looks.  

Home Repairs

Probably one of the most arduous parts of selling a house is the repairs and the clean up. Obviously things like cracked paint or holes in the wall will have to be repaired, but pay special attention to things you might have gotten used to. Does the crowning match the paint color? Are your appliances outdated? And then there are the bigger, groan-worthy repairs, such as replacing the roof. While these are all tasks that we would rather leave to the next owners (especially with the sentiment of having to possibly fix things in the new house), these can also be huge turn-offs to potential buyers.

One of the other big things you can do is improve the curb appeal. The exterior is what buyers will see first, so make it a good impression. Trim trees and bushes, clean gutters, mow the lawn, plant flowers, etc.


Pictures, open houses, and tours won’t matter if the house is messy. Cramped furniture, personal taste, and messes can change the way a buyer will look at the house, and prevent them from envisioning themselves in it. Cleaning also includes removing personal touches such as children’s artwork or family photos. You could even think about removing any unnecessary furniture. Staging done well may actually give you an advantage; the potential buyers will be able to see the rooms with furniture in it, yet still imagine what they would do personally

Do it Justice

Sell your house like you’re about to buy it. When someone is looking at a house in person or online, they want to see all the rooms, the appliances, the backyard, every nook and cranny. If you are posting your house online, post lots of (good!) pictures of your house. Try to show the rooms in relation to the rest of the house. If possible, take pictures when the weather is nice, so buyers can see the house at its best.

Source: Neighborhood Link
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