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White Lake Hills Early History

Did you know that:

*The White Lake Dairy was located on I-30 & Oakland Blvd.
*Bonnie & Clyde used to hang out on East 1st Street.
*The Dairy Family lived in a house located where The Shell Station is located, today
*Cattle roamed the area where "the dump" is located today.
*On one day, a body of a gangster was pulled from the Trinity River near the White Lake Dairy.

Later History

Did you know that:

*the late Ted C. Peters was the developer of White Lake Hills
*the late Ted C. Peters was a councilperson for the east side.
*"The White Lake School" was once housed in the shopping center where Parker Uniform is located today.
*George Shannon was the first President of the neighborhood association.
*White Lake Hills used to have Halloween Parties on Three River Court.


Did you know that:

*it takes 40 people to prepare for one association meetings.
*it take 10-15 people to plan a neighborhood event.
*it takes 35 people to deliver fliers in the neighborhood.
*it takes 25 people to publish a newsletter.

What can you do for your neighborhood?
1. Attend neighborhood meetings

2. Plan to be a member of a committee

3. Report code compliance violations

4. Know your neighbors

5. Read your newsletter

6. Join our COPS Program

7. Support our local businesses on the east side

8.Serve as an officer



The White Lake Hills Neighborhood Association was formed in 1977 by a group of about 30 residents who wanted to save the “White Lake,” an old East side fishing hole along Oakland blvd. The late Ted C. Peters, the original developer of White Lake Hills, wanted to fill in the lake with dirt rather than pay for ordered repairs to the earthen dam. Residents formed the “White Lake Association” to save the lake. A large delegation of residents drove to Austin for a special “lake hearing.” The lake’s owner did make the repairs to the earthen dam. The lake was later deeded to “The White Lake School” and then changed hands several times. The land around the lake is owned by the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth.Nolan Catholic does have future plans for the lake  land and the shopping center on Oakland Blvd,

 It is not a fishing hole, today. The fish from this lake should not be eaten, because of the pollution of pesticides in the lake.

FROM THE 1970’s to 1992

Through the years, Jack White, White Lake resident, has been instrumental in keeping the neighborhood association afloat. Jack and the late Jean Wysatta published a newsletter to keep residents up to date on governmental issues. During these years, dues were charged and the residents did not have formal meetings or neighborhood activities. A resident directory was published.

Some battles were won and lost through the years. Residents fought issues from “the dump” to new entrance portals. Sometimes buses were chartered and long hours were spent at City Hall.


In 1992, the organization was reformed with new bylaws, neighborhood activities, and new officers. The present 550 plus homes have been developed into a quiet and peaceful neighborhood. The neighborhood is historic because of the “White Lake Dairy” and farm located on Oakland Blvd., from I30 all the way to 1st Street. The White Lake Silo still stands on Oakland Blvd., towering over I-30. The farmhouse was located where “East Side Montesorri School” stands, today.

To the west of our neighborhood, we have two fine private schools, East Fort Worth Montesorri Academy and Nolan Catholic High School.

We have dues of $20.00 a year and our organization operates as a non-profit organization whose members work in the bustling metroplex area of Fort Worth and Dallas.


As stated in our bylaws, “The purpose of this association shall be to promote the betterment of the community and the social welfare of the residents of White Lake Hills; to foster and promote the interest of the residents through neighborhood education and information; to implement programs for the beautification and improvement of the physical and natural properties in the area; to provide opportunities for fellowship; to further goals as set forth by the membership; to ensure quality of living in White Lake Hills; and to promote cooperation with other neighborhood association on the East Side of Fort Worth.”

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