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Welcome to the CHORD Message Board. Here you can freely discuss issues relating to the development of the vacant land within our community.
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Madison Park Summary

Madison Park recently had a meeting with JPI, Inc. concerning this issue. Can anyone respond as to the outcome of this meeting?
Truck Access Thru Sunset Park

Does anyone know whose trucks are using playground as access road to the vacant land? Who granted this access? How long is this going to continue?
Different Song, Same Tune

The meeting with Madison Park homeowners was attended by about 30 people, many whom have not been at previous meetings. They asked many of same questions. JPI asserted they will be submitting a new plan with much lower density but wouldn't say how many units, but used 250 for the sake of argument. One resident, a realtor asserted our property values in MP will drop by at least 10%. JPI disagreed, claiming that in all their other builds, the property values rose. Most MP homeowners present appeared not to buy this argument. They have invited the adjacent homeowners to a special meeting (catered???) to further press them for cooperation and support. I wonder how that went?
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