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Monday night's scheduled patrol went without incident, probably due to poor weather conditions. The rain seems to keep unwanted activity indoors, as well as the number of folks we'd like to have on our patrols.
But rain does not typically last all evening. In between the breaks of the drizzle, more and more non-residents began to show up, moving through the neighborhood. This translates to a need for folks to still get out and be a little damp, on evenings such as last night.
My hats off to the few who came, last night! You are truly the 'poor-weather patriots' our community is in dire need of.
Persons of interest

FYI all Watch volunteers:
keep an eye open for a white male, mid-to-late 20s, approx. 6' tall, baseball cap; seen with 'Frederick' on Monday night's patrol; he states his residence as being east of the 700 block of Oak Street, but he's taken to wandering the 500-600 block of WSCA; he seems to be looking intently at the contents of parked vehicles in our area.
Wednesday 6JUN patrol

Another successful evening for the Watch participants. The volunteers we're broken down into two groups, this time around, and sent through the alleys that run concurrent with WSCA.

Here's the intent on this method:
break pattern and retain unpredictability.
The individuals we're attempting to dissuade from using our neighborhood have, from what has been observed, established their own patterns and routes of travel through us. It is my goal to get our patrols inside of these patterns and disrupt the activity. As we progress through the Summer, we'll discover more of their routines, and be able to interdict them, just with our presence.
To the volunteers: outstanding job, thusfar! All others, we need your help !
Friday's patrol

We mixed it up this particular evening with a series of short-duration, static posts. Our line of observation extended through the heart of WSCA, along the intersections of Garvin Ave/WSCA/Oak St and Zane.
The money was made on Oak and Garvin, where it was apparent that our presence was short-circuiting a few transactions; individuals who wanted to occupy our corner, for whatever purpose, decided to go elsewhere. The same people ran into our Volunteers in the vicinty of WSCA/Garvin, which caused them to ping-pong back; bottom-line, they we're made to feel uncomfortable and unwanted. Hurray for 'our side.'
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