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Split Patrols

I want to start splitting our Watch into two shifts. My intent with this is to get a presence out into our 'footprint' for a longer period.

The ideal situation is to have three Volunteers kick off at 9PM, followed by another three, circa 9:45PM.

Please give me your thoughts on this, all.
Last night...

Here's something to look for on your sidewalks and in the alley behind your home: small plastic baggies, which have the appearance of having been twisted, and a small corner ripped from the bag. This is an indicator of drug use/sales taking place nearby. We encountered one at the southeast corner of 7th St. and Kentucky Ave. They have also been found at WSCA and Garvin. Basically, the altered plastic bag is the remnants of a 'dime bag' of whatever the most popular drug is in this area.

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