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Start Snitching, I hate to use that word but I had to get your attention. It is not snitching when you see someone doing something that is wrong, something to someone, property to a community. You are doing your civic duty.... It is morally the right thing to do.  I do not know anyone that if something were to happen to them or them property would not want someone to say something.  Do you know of such a person?  A website in Philly It is just want it says, there is my attitude. Why should the many be victimized, shut up in your home afraid to come outside because some  1 or 2 thugs has taken over your home, that's what it is, your community is still your home. A lady on here asked if the city would buy her out. That is not the answer.  The problem is  just about in every neighborhood where the residents DO NOT GET INVOLVED. Closed doors, blindness, deaf, and afraid.  Thugs are not going to advance on a lighted area, an organized opposing group of residents. A built in defense mechanism phone trees,  active communicative neighborhood watch groups with boost walkie-talkies, and a serious take back your corner/neighborhood stance.  You will drive them to another location that does not do what you just read. This can only work with a organized collective group of people.    Thru civic associations you can get WPD to train in neighborhood watch, post signs and make it happen, and find peace in your neighborhood.  Snitching is amongst friends and like minded groups, creating hammock where I have to live, disturbing my peace, driving down my property value,  I am not your friend.  Silence Keeps Justice Blind. 

JG Dennis

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