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speeding in Timberwood Park

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I recently moved here from out of state and have noticed to much speeding going on in our area, example this pass Sunday I was on my way to church early am I glanced in my rear view mirror and saw a vehicle coming up on me very fast on Slumber Pass I looked at my own speed which was close to 30mpr so I knew this person was going way to fast not only that she passed me and went even faster. For the past few months that I have lived in Timberwood I have witnessed these kinds of things almost daily even in front of my home which is on a relatively quiet street. Last week a van going way to fast hit a deer right in front of me I ran out hoping to save it, it died in my arms. I love living here, but what can be done about the speeding. I called the sheriff's department several times about these things, they've come out to my home and tell me it would help them if we would put speed bumps on our streets because they are so short handed and are doing the best that they can. I have written down several license plate numbers along with discriptions of vehicles etc. but the speeding continues. I've noticed alot of it is venders and workers who build and maintaine homes here. Is there any one else here who feels the same as I do about what is going on here? In Nebraska where I came we had this problem until a child was killed on his bicycle, then speed bumps were installed. Must we wait until someone is killed or animals harmed to fix this problem? Must I go out of my way to avoid the real problem areas like Timberline, Slumber Pass when I take walks in the evening for fear of being hit by passing vehicles? Somehow it doesn't seem right that this should continue. This is such a lovely place to live away from the city with all its crime and crazyness. My sister lives in Live Oak a much older area, yet everytime I want to visit she reminds me to go 20mph because they are so strick there. Why can't we as neighbors get a hold of this problem before it gets worse.
move to the country

It died in my arms.....Did you happen to notice the 10,000 disease infested fleas that were jumping off in your hair?
I love living here,(obviusly you do not)... but what can be done about the speeding. I called the sheriff's department several times...(so you're the reason we have a Sheriff's cruiser behind every other stop sign in this neighborhood.)... about these things, they've come out to my home (those reports are listed by zip you know)... need and tell me it would help them if we would put speed bumps (Please move before you do and make it impossible for any of us to get to work or home) (my guess is that you do neither).( Count the stop signs you complaining nags have imposed on us on every-other corner) (the gal who sped past you was probably late because she had already had to stop 30 times just to get out of this freakin neighborhood) ...couldn't on our streets because they are so short handed (look behind the next stop sign)and are doing the best that they can. (They are out her to get your ca$h! as refleted in the mean spirited way they are imposing toll roads upon us).. I have written down several license plate numbers along with discriptions of vehicles etc. but the speeding continues. (Several HUH! How about we start calling about your barking dogs!) (Take the coure work, get a liscense and a badge if you want to be a tax collecting stop sign Cop). Why don't you just move to the country (and hug a deer)where you will be happy (probably not there either). Where did you move here from ..the East Coast... Quit pestering and imposing your will on the rest of us. Did someone send you an invitation? Who appointed you policeman? judge? and jury?!!!!!!!
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I'm with you!

Hi Judy:

I'm on your side, and I'm sorry that one of our ''neighbors'' unleashed all that venom in your direction. I like to think that most of us in Timberwood Park are reasonable, law-abiding, safety-conscious folks, but I guess there are a few who will always be bitter and in a hurry.

I live on Slumber Pass, and I see the speed freaks doing their thing nearly every day. I've had to haul dead deer off the road, and I've had to put more than one out if its misery after a speedster mortally injured it and just kept on going. I've also had to dodge cars while walking or jogging in the community, and I've helped more than one neighbor rebuild a mailbox after a speed freak smashed into it. Possibly my worst experience was when a young girl passed me on Slumber Pass (I was doing the posted limit), flew around a curve, and smashed into a deer. And then there's the woman who was pulled over by a deputy, right in front of my home, for doing 63 in the 3o mph zone. The deputy probably would have let her go with a ticket for doing just 24 over the limit, until she asked him to ''get this over quickly - I'm in a hurry.'' Needless to say, she was ticketed for doing 33 mph over the limit, a fairly serious (and expensive) court offense.

The county doesn't want to put speed bumps on our main roads because of the lack of curbing. They're concerned that our speed freaks will drive across private property to avoid the bumps.

I don't have a solution, but I suggest that everyone who is concerned about their own safety, the safety of our children, our pets, our private property, and area wildlife express their concerns to the TPPOA, Bexar County Sheriff, Bexar County Public Works (signs, speed bumps/humps, etc.) and Bexar County Commissioner Lyle Larson. If enough of us speak up loudy enough and often enough, something will eventually be done to improve traffic safety in our community.

And to those who are in a hurry to get to work, or anywhere else, all I can say is ''LEAVE EARLY.'' The speed limit within Timberwood Park is 30 mph for a reason -- that's the maximum safe speed for traveling on our roads.


Bill B.

Wow, that's my neighbor???

Dear Hillhopper,

Your rhetoric is on par with your literacy.

I agree with Judy 100%. As a property owner on Slumber Pass I can attest to the daily abuse of our traffic laws in Timberwood Park.

The speed limit is 30 MPH in the park yet every day I listen to folks racing past at 40-50 MPH with total disregard to their neighbors. I would not do that on your street, please do not do it on mine.

Will it take a child?’s death before people start taking responsibility for their actions? We would need neither speed bumps nor more stop signs if people would stop their rectal-cranial inversion and just drive the speed limit within our community.

It is just that simple Hillhopper.


By slumber pass owner
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