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New Homeowners Association

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We live in an older neighborhood that doesn't have a homeowners association.  What are the benefits of having one?  How would a person go about starting one?

If you don't have a neighborhood association, you are LUCKY!  Do not allow your neighborhood to start one.  There are no benefits, all they do is take your money, and really have no power to enforce anything anyway.  The neighbors should have enough self respect to take care of their own homes and streets.  If not, call the city or county with any problems.  We are trying to dissolve one up here in Omaha, NE.

Me again...  Sorry, that grayed out area should say LUCKY!  I don't know why it showed up that way?



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There is good and bad to any homeowner's association. You need to do your homework and research the pros and cons. I've been involved in two and can tell you that both had their good and bad points. Getting the right people in them to do the work that is required is the most important thing I can tell you. It takes a lot of spare time to stay organized and on top of things in order to have a smooth running association. Think about who you'd want in yours. You can walk around the neighborhood and knock door to door and see if anyone's interested and get some ideas about what people are most concerned about.

There are two different associations that I'm familiar with. One is where the local governmental authority has Special Taxing Districts where the government will collect the taxes each year and deposit them into the association's account at the end of the year and you will have to provide them with a budget and an audited financial statement each year. The other is a self run organization with voluntary dues. I myself like the STD or Special Taxing District because if a homeowner doesn't pay up the city of the county will go after them and put the lein on the property and all that.

The self run association has to hire a lawyer to go after the deliquent tax payers.

If you've got nothing but spare time and want to get involved, give it a try. It will help keep the community in shape by giving all residents a set of bylaws to go by. It's mostly common sense things that some people just don't have and need some guidance on. There will always be those rebels of course who will stick out like a sore thumb. You can hope that you won't have any of those but chances are there will be one or two that will thumb their noses at the board. Good luck and let me know if there is anything I can help you with. Oh, click on the Google Ad links on the right. There is a lot of good companys doing the work for the associations where the board doesn't have to get involved. It's bit more expensive but it might help if you can't seem to get things done. They can provide the place to meet each month and do all the paperwork too and guide you through the meetings and anything else. Okay, now go find out how many houses you have in the community and do some sample budgeting. Go meet with a homeowner's management association and sit down with them and ask them to give you some idea on how this will work for you. You might enjoy the experience and meeting new people in your community.

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