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2/22/2018 - Update!

Facebook is more popular than any site on the net now. I all but forgot about this site. What purpose does it serve? I only liked the article links on the sidebar. I had an inkling of a thought to have Susan delete all my activity from this site. But, I find it hard to give up things so I'll wait a bit longer.

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I'm a fun type of guy who loves a party or a parade. I love life and all that it offers. I'm aged and I'm well worn but I still feel like I'm 28. I'm a good listener so don't be shy. I was able to upload this photo easily enough. Why not add yours? Good wishes and dreams to all. Have fun!

New! April 6, 2010 - Blog anyone? My how times have changed. Technology at our fingertips and in the palm of our hands now. It's been a long time in coming. When I was a kid I had a cb radio. That was junior high. I was a member of the North Tampa C.B. Radio Club. The club would meet at the Forest HIlls Community Center. Bobby, my friend, got me started and we had fun.

I went through the Judo class thing, then it was Civil Air Patrol. I grew tired of both easily, wasn't for me. I had big dreams. Doesn't everybody? I mean, we live in America where anything is possible I thought. Who knew where we'd end up today though. Not what we thought I suppose. Well, I think I've lived some of my dreams and made a lot of goals. I now look ahead at what's next.

I'm a self taught computer geek. I started out with a Radio Shack Model II computer and an old Teletype model 50 KSR printer terminal. Printing was from a roll of ugly yellow paper that you tore off. Seems pretty archaic now. Anyway, I bought two books at Radio Shack, 'Basic Dos' and 'Advanced Dos'. I read through each one and typed in the practice drills that were highlighted in blue and you'd get back on the screen exactly what the page said you would. It got you to thinking and trying different things, which I did. I graduated to a modem. It was a 300bps modem. Talk about slow. Eventually, upgrades followed and I thought I was in the elite when I bought my first 9600 US Robotics modem. It was fast. Now, 35/25 Fios broadband is, well, light years ahead now. Who uses a dial up or a copper phone line anymore. It's fiber all the way, baby! So, I've built numerous computers along the way and only these last few years have I broke down and bought a retail computer from the store. At this moment I am on a second Lenove desktop with Windows 7. Not much more than a home built so why bother I figured. I love this Lenovo with Intel i5 3.2ghz processor, 1tb hard drive and 6gb of ram memory. I am also a reseller for AVG Anti Virus software. I researched for over a year all the companys before coming to AVG. Want a discount? Just ask.

 I'm happy to be a resident of Bella Vista and married to a great woman, Vanna, with two wonderful kids, Jennifer and Nicole. Jennifer is in her 3rd year at UCF now. Nicole is in her 1st year at UMC or University of Maryland. Vanna loves her real estate, making people happy. I love my job at Verizon, will be 38 years this October 25, 2011. I could retire but why, I don't know what else to do and did I say I love my job?  I am pretty lucky to be able to say that.

I've have held the positions of Treasurer and President  of our Bella Vista Association, Inc., a maintenance board for the community where I live. I found it richly rewarding. The rewards comes with working with the many different people that make it all happen. I like to be involved with things, always looking for ways to make things better. So, I'll end it right here. If you see me out and want to stop and say hello or chat a bit, be my guest, I'm a great listener. Maybe I said that already.

I've started two websites here on and wish that more people would use these.

Paul Streicher

I'm not worried about spam either. I've got spam controls turned on!

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