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Proposed Redevelopment at 71st a

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Here is what Steve Wien (Grantioch Neighborhood) has included in his web link as part of his calendar:

Proposed Redevelopment at 71st and Metcalf
The redevelopment of the NE corner of 71st and Metcalf will be an item on the City Council agenda next Monday evening, Dec. 19, 2005. The property lies on the corner of Southmoor Gardens, a neighborhood organization in the Neighborhood Conservation Program. Below is a brief description of the planned redevelopment (called ''Katie's Row'') followed by a list of the neighborhood organization's concerns. Many of these concerns will be shared at the Council meeting.
Dial Realty wishes to rezone a 2.1 parcel of land from R-1 to R-3 to build 21 townhomes. The townhomes will grouped in several buildings. The center section and highest of the buildings will be four stories tall, stepping down to three stories, then to two stories next to the single-family homes of the neighborhood. The front entrances of the building will be stoops opening onto the sidewalk on both Metcalf and 71st Streets. Garages will be in back, and vehicular access will be by means of a private roadway (alley) opening onto 71st St. (opposite the Queen of the Holy Rosary Church and School).
Several of the concerns

* Storm drainage project: The building and parking area will leave little green space for water drainage. How much property will be involved in stormwater drainage reconstruction, and over what period of time? What are financial protections for the city and neighborhood if the stormwater improvement is not effective?

* The deed will dictate that townhomes are ower-occupied, and not be rented. What happens if the developer is not successful in selling the townhomes?

* There is not much setback from either Metcalf or 71st Streets, and the setback will not be even with the setbacks of the single-family homes.

* The redevelopment will create extra automobile traffic at the corner of 71st and Metcalf, an area which includes the Queen of the Holy Rosary Church and School. How will traffic be managed entering and exiting the new property onto 71st Street? Will a new right turn lane be required on the north side of 71st Street as it approaches Metcalf?

* Will this rezoning set a precedent which will impact future redevelopment plans along Metcalf?

The calendar also includes the Sun article in yesterday's paper. Here is the website address, in case you want to see the original:

There is also a calendar item on the 78th and Conser project, which I will send separately. This certainly sounds familiar.

By Joan Wagstaff
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