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Rezoning Concern Continued Again

Posted in: Southmoor Gardens
With one development in our neighborhood could we or the city prevent another one? We need to keep our neighborhood zoned R-1, single family. We don't need some developer with an ill conceived $4,600,000 nightmare trampling our homes. The R-1 zoning is to protect us and our property values from this very type of development. The R-1 zoning must stay in tact or anything could be built next to your house. We can't have the R-1 zoning changed for any reason !!!!!!

We have been part of the City of Overland Park sponsored ''Neighborhood Conservation Program'' since the summer of 2001. Overland Park started this program to protect and preserve the older neighborhoods in the city.

Southmoor Gardens was one of the first neighborhoods to join this program. We have worked with the city on many issues. We need the City of Overland Park to help us prevent any rezoning of this property. Tearing down two homes and stuffing 23 families on 2.1 acres in two buildings is no way to preserve our neighborhood.

Please call the Mayor, Carl Gerlack, our council members, Terry Happer Scheier and David Janson, please call them at their city office phones 913 895 6000. Above all attend the planning commission meeting November 14, 1 :30 in the afternoon and voice your opinion. Contact the City Hall 913 895 6000 the Friday before the meeting to confirm the hearing is still set for the 1 4th of November. Often the hearings get set back 30 days.

Get involved to save our neighborhood. Any large lot is now open game for overdevelopment. The City of Overland Park must stay true to their own Neighborhood Conservation Program by not changing the neighborhood and family friendly R-1 zoning. We must keep the zoning unchanged, we must keep our entire neighborhood zoned R-1, single family, or who knows what will be our next neighbor.

Call the City of Overland Park and let them know how you feel. Only those within 200' of the proposed development can submit a written protest against the rezoning. Attend the Zoning appeals meeting and let your voice be heard. If you can't attend the meeting a petition will be available for you to sign and perhaps the city will hear your protest.

If you have any ideas, or want more information please contact Linda Hanson at , 913 677 0430, or myself Steve Langton at , 913432 1180. Contact the City of Overland Park to keep abreast of changes in the time or date of the appeal. After the Board of Appeals makes their decision it will be sent to the full council for a final decision. Linda Hanson will be available with the petition for all who can't attend the meeting but want to protest the proposed changes the the zoning.

Joan Wagstaff, the chairman of Southmoor Gardens Neighborhood Association, is also working on our behalf. She can be reached at .

Respectfully; Steve Langton

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