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re-design website?

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Ok, I'm new at this forum. But I'll give this a try. I visited the website for the first time and found it somewhat easy to navigate and some areas self-explanetory. I think the web site though is kind of boring? It doesn't catch my eye. It doesn't make me want to re-visit it. I'm sure it's a standard format from that neighborhood link. Can we alter the layout at all? Also I know that the website has been around but it was never in the minutes (other than in the beginning when it was started up). I had forgotten about it. Maybe it can be posted in the minutes to remind people.


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I was in the process of adding new info to the website when I cam across your posting.  Thank you for the feedback.   All very good points and I appreciate your concerns.  

You are correct in that the "template" for adding information into this website is a "standard format."  It is free though, so that is one of the reasons we chose it.  We wanted to see if people would actually visit the website on a regular basis to gauge how much effort we should put into it.  When we announced it and constantly reminded the residents of it, we seemed to get some traffic, but if nothing new is added on a frequent basis, people seem to lose interest. 

My next idea is that I will send a memo around to all residents, to see if anyone wants to be added to a "website update list" where I will send them an e-mail whenever something new gets added to the website.  What do you think of that?  It might save you from checking back only to find "old stuff."

By the way, I was going to add the latest minutes when I realized I have them on a different computer, and will have to get them tomorrow.  Stay tuned, and check back for that update.

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I'm sure it's a standard format from that neighborhood link. Can we alter the layout at all

Hi folks - just ran across this discussion while doing maintenance and wanted to chime in... the layout is in fact a "stock" layout but we have a couple of improvements in the works here at Neighborhood Link.  One is a new, completely different layout... much of the design will still be fixed but it'll allow a photo on the homepage and a little more flexibility and (hopefully) fun.

If those of you who have signed up to be site coordinators might be interested in helping us test the new features and giving us feedback on how your neighbors like it, email and let us know... we'll get in touch when it's ready.

Thanks -


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