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Meeting Minutes 5/19/2004

Saddlebrook Homeowners Association
Board of Directors Meeting
May 15, 2004

I. Call to order

At 7:10 p.m. Todd Scholl, President, called the meeting to order. Directors in attendance included: Mike Lewis, Peter Krempely, Beverly Kubik, Jay Adams, and Kim Hannel from South; Todd Scholl, Grace Colette, Michelle James, and Lisa Carr from Central. Missing was Bob Wolfe. Patty Schmidt and Wally attended from Omni.

II. April meeting minutes

Motion to approve April’s meeting minutes by Grace, second by Bev.

III. Financials

South’s April Financials were approved by Kim, second by Jay.
Central’s April Financials were approved by Lisa, second by Todd.

South raised concern for an overage in their financials (P&L). Management contract was over by $662; Patty will look into.

South raised concern for a payment appearing on reconciliation page of financials for $270 to MR Service with no invoice. Patty will look into and report what services were rendered for this payment.

A few months ago, the board questioned a bill received by MR Service for trash outs occurring after we requested they be stopped. Patty informed us that MR Service has reimbursed Saddlebrook $50 for these errant charges.

Question remains regarding MR Service’s charge to provide estimate for outlet installation. Patty will look into.

IV. Old Business

The garage sale is scheduled for June 12th. Participating residents will pay $5 (for sign at Saddlebrook entrance, printing, balloons, etc.). There will be one big sign rented for both Central and South ($45) and a balloon will be given to each paying resident to put on their mailbox. Fliers were distributed to all residents.

Entrance lights are being replaced. There is a $500 deductible, which we met while paying for the temporary fix ($800: $400 each side). The estimate for the total job is $2445. Omni has received a check from the insurance company for $1945. Work will proceed, and all lights will be uniform.

Newsletter did not get distributed as originally scheduled. It was planned to be distributed in Grace’s realtor mailing, but did not make her mailing deadline. Instead, it was hand delivered to each resident with the garage sale information sheet. The next newsletter will be mailed with the annual meeting notice. Any newsletter planned for distribution via Grace’s realtor mailings must be submitted to her prior to her mailing deadline (to be communicated by her on a case by case basis).

Pond scum is once again an issue. Pete called the DNR, which recommended using blue dye to kill weeds. The dye darkens the water (which filters light out thus killing the weeds), but leaves any fish unharmed. We currently have no official plans to remedy the weed situation, but may test this dye solution in the future.

V. New Business

Mike brought a sample sign reading “No Fishing, Swimming, or Skating.” He has a friend that made 4 signs (2 for each pond in South), and South will pay $150 for all signs. This fee does not include posts and any necessary hardware. Mike and Peter will install the signs. Patty will send payment for signs.

Note: Residents are allowed to fish on Saddlebrook property. The signs will hopefully reduce non-residents’ usage of our ponds, and will reduce our liability.

4842 Arabian Run: neighbors are no longer willing to cut grass. Grace knows someone who may do it for $10. Board will pay fees, in hopes to recuperate monies via lien. This house will go to sheriff’s sale. $585 is owed in unpaid association fees.

Lien has been placed on Fitch’s house.

Board decided to put a lien on Rouse’s house ($1026 owed), and Patty said she’d do it on May 20, 2004 (day after board meeting).

Michelle will call Pike Twp assessors to research cost/effort in putting liens on houses as a board instead of paying attorneys fees, which is approximately $200 per lien.

Bev asked if Mainscape is planning to mulch around the flowerbeds. Patty will look into.

Mainscape missed putting weed control on South’s 2nd island (from the front). Patty will communicate this to them.

Lisa (gardener) will take out cattails from South’s front pond. (We’d hate to see what it looked like if Lisa (sec’y) did this job!)

Zoning items Todd recently received:

Joe’s Grill applied for a beer, wine, and liquor license. Apparently this is a renewal, since this restaurant is not new.

There is a public hearing for a new subdivision being developed at 4501 Michigan Road.

Todd received a letter from Mike Keller, former property manager with Kirkpatrick trying to restore relations. No response planned.

Website is up and running ( How the board will use it and what content will be placed on the website is still open conversation.

Jay requested a copy of the letter sent to South resident with siding issues (~4924 Arabian Run). Patty will forward to Jay.

VI. Parking Lot Items

Summer celebration will be held around the end of September. Omni will throw party for Saddlebrook residents, with possible picnic/BBQ and simple family activity (fire truck or something similar). Details TBD.

VII. Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, June 17, 2004 at 7:00 p.m at the Saddlebrook Clubhouse.

VIII. Adjourn

Motion to adjourn meeting by Michelle at approximately 8:30 p.m., second by Mike.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lisa Carr,

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