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What are Neighborhood Councils?

Neighborhood Councils are designed to give all individuals, residents, business owners, property owners, renters, youth, non-profit providers and others a more effective way to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods by making city government more responsive to the needs of the community.

Who we Are!

We are NOT politicians!  We are community organizers! This is what we PROMISE to struggle for:
1. Full employment with union jobs and living wages.
2. Money for Schools NOT Wars. Full funding for a quality public education! Raza and African-American Studies & Bilingual Education at all levels. Access to a college education for ALL.
3. Free quality health care for ALL
4. STOP the Foreclosures! Decent affordable housing for ALL!
5. Community control of the Police and Sheriff department. Stopping the LAPD from confiscating people's cars at "Sobriety Checkpoints" if they are not intoxicated.
6. An end to the ICE Raids in our communities! Immigration Reform and FULL Legalization NOW!
7. End to the importation and promotion of drugs & alcohol in our communities
8. A Clean and Healthy Environment!
9. Fighting against discriminatory laws such as SB1070 in Arizona
10. Municipal ID and voting rights for ALL!

The South Central Neighborhood Council is an official government entity, serving as an advisory body to the Los Angeles City Council and all other city departments with the ability to influence decisions that effect the community.

History of The South Central Neighborhood Council

The South Central Neighborhood Council was certified on June 24th 2003 with three of its goals being to give the community a voice by been a vehicle for community improvements, increase public participation in City government, and above all to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods. The SCNC is managed by a governing body of people from your neighborhood that meet regularly.

Where does the Neighborhood Council meet?

We currently are hosting our meeting at Centro Cultural Francisco Villa

Located at 2100 Maple Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90011

How do Neighborhood Councils affect City Government?

Each year during the city’s budget process, Neighborhood Councils ask their community members to rank their priorities for how the city should spend the taxpayers’ money. These priorities are then given to the city’s Budget Team to help draft the yearly budget. Neighborhood Councils can also submit a formal statement called a Community Impact Statement that is printed on the council’s agendas.

 Neighborhood Councils have become effective by simply letting their voices be heard. When Neighborhood Councils voice strong opposition or support for a proposal, tremendous pressure is put on the City Council and Mayor to listen. The voice of a Neighborhood Council is the voice of the community.

What are Neighborhood Councils?

In June of 1999, voters of the City of Los Angeles approved a change in the city charter, creating a citywide system of neighborhood Councils. City Neighborhood Council board members are elected by the community or appointed by the Board.

Our Mission

The mission of the South Central Neighborhood Council is to work with community stakeholders, city departments,and other elected officials to improve the quality of life for all communities within our boundaries.

The South Central Neighborhood Council and stakeholders identify community concerns, and work to identify resources to address issues and develop solutions.

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Department of Neighborhood Empowerment
City of Los Angeles
Animal Services
Board of Public Works
Commission for Children, Youth & Families

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