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The Stupidity...

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The Stupidity...

Jan 11, 2004
I have learned this week that I was elected Second Vice-Chair of the San Bdno Co. Democratic Central Committee, for the upcoming(2 year)term in my absence at November meeting!
Darn, and I was considering dumping the likes of the Bill Lockyer and Gray Davis crowd who went only a pinch of the distance into the corruption and law-breaking of the SBPD!!!
The Greens look pretty good to me in comparison. The S.O.P. of California Corruption (code name: law enforcement) needs to be broken open. Major Election time draws near; we must pound the media with the facts about San Bdno City and Co Government!!!
By the way, if anyone out there has SBPD ''officer'' M.DeRoaches Number, please remind him to return in tact the video tape evidence he stole from myself and family by threat of force - it shows SBPD refusing to arrest (San Bdno City Neighborhood Assoc. VP Richard A Lardin and his flunky Neil Shaffer) for their false police reports claiming I shot my children in my home!!! Only nuts like this would have any standing in San Bernardino!!!.
This is the blatant stupidity Roger Poyzer and his flunky's get away with. I believe any other city would be intelligent enough to fire their asses immediately and prosecute them.
Can You Believe there ARE JUDGES in San Bernardino that BELIEVE this BS!!??
God Help Us Law Abiding Citizens!

-By David J. Child

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