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Terror in Spain

Posted in: Wyandotte

Listen Honey, It weren't I who was screaming and yelling, That would be you,( checK John Kerry Thread) I may have slapped you around a little , but that was fun for me, It always is when you have a lamer chewing your ankle.

So far you have avoided the oppotunity to refute anything that I have posted. and you have been unable to answer a simple question, Because you know damn well that A terrorist would vote for your man. so would a criminal, a welfare cheat, a socialist and a communist and any other off the wall whack job who needed a friend. Now for you to enjoy any credibility what so ever, start backing up what you say or do me a favor and hump another's posts, Your spewing words while avoiding the issues doesn't cut it. KT

And BTW everything you posted was bullsh#t, A sure sign that you know nothing about what goes on in the world.

Killer, Why just because I disagree with you I'm stupid? Why is it just because someone is from a different party their stupid, slow , dumm, not your brother-in-law kind of people. Just because I don't buy in to your bulltird I don't have a clue. Just because you reprint an article of your choice it makes you a book worm. Do you ever feel like your a short changed person? Changed person comes next.
Excuse me

You were the one who came at me because you didn't like what I posted about John kerry, You proceded to banger me about jesus and the kind of man I was, Following me from post to post nipping at my heels. Now you want to act as if you took the high road. But I guess to you that's better than facing the facts . And still you refuse to answer the question or put a defense up for your man. I don't know if you're stupid or not, You could be just pretending. KT
Turned the election around

I've been hearing on TV and radio that the terrorist attack in Madrid swayed the a large portion of the election in Spain. Now Spain wants to pull all of its troops out of Iraq. Looks like the terrorists won there. I also heard elections for the parliment in Britian are comming up.....makes you wonder if something similar will happen there to try and get Tony Blair out of office.
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