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Terror in Spain

Posted in: Wyandotte
When we go to the polls in November, Maybe a question we should ask is,

'' Who would the Terrorist vote for?''

Did you not know?
Terrorist don't get to vote.
Thats why they are terrorist!
But they would love to have you a voter asking that question. Because when you do you are scared and they have won.
Like always

You either missed the point of the posting or refuse to engage your brain before hitting the send button.

Here's the point, Terrorist are still active in the world, The USA is their number one target, They know now that with President Bush They can expect to be tracked and that we will keep developing new tools to fight them with. VS Kerry who voted against every major weapon system since he's been in office. Not to mention him wanting to cut 6 billion dollars away from the Intelligent community.( even after the 1st trade Center bombing ) Now I will ask again who do you think the terrorist would vote for, Let's use our brain this time and see this as a hypothetical question. But at the same time a serious one. I bet anymouse can't answer honestly. KT
Re: Killertop

Now! Now! Killer calm down!
It's not a hypothetical question because you ask it to try to change or cast doubt on one's vote. If you were so darn sure about your guy you wouldn't be so hung up on this thread. I personally have enough faith in the people of this great nation to see it thru no matter who or what dumm jackass is office. If it is my guy or yours this country is bigger than both of them together. Or either party for that matter. Now the real people that keep this land on top are not going to let some jerk not take the action to protect it. Be it my or yours that comes out in November. Try to calm down and stop yelling that the sky is falling. Now the reason we are the number one on their list is we keep putting our fat faces in front of the damm window. If they were to see less the would have less to kill. Think of it thats how they are, thats why it is so hard to put them in check mate. Hide a little and make him come looking for you! Now what about all the money the little Texan has spent since he has been office. We could have saved a few billion out of it I'm sure. Talk to ya later I've got to go to work in the morning. Good night....
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