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Pit Bulls

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I have read two incidences lately of problems with pit bulls in Wyandotte. The first incidence, one was loose and threatening someone. The second incidence involved a police officer and his police dog, trying to track a suspect.The officer and his K-9 were attacked by two pit bulls. Fortunatley they were okay, thanks to the K-9 attacking back.
I understand not all Pit bulls are aggressive, and that it depends on how they are raised and trained. However, these pit bulls can be a real danger when owned and trained by the ''wrong'' people.These happen to be the dog of choice among drug dealers to ''protect'' themselves. Why do we allow these dogs if they can be so dangerous?
Don't know

I guess people can own what they choose to own and that's fine , as long as they manage them properly, Truthfully, if somebody was to house a pitbull on my street and it was jumping at the fence or acting crazy when people passed by, I would have to arrange for it's passing, I wouldn't take that chance with my kids. any anybody that house such an animal in the area of other people would be showing a lack of respect for those around him. KT
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I agree 100%.
Next to school

And did you know that this happened in the morning next to Monroe School when children were outside getting ready to enter for the day? It could have been much worse than it was.
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