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Pit Bulls

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Pit Bull Dogs

Can't the city ban them from the city limits. and if you were caught with one be fined or arrested for violating a local law
pit bulls

i could be wrong but if i,m not mistaken they were outlawed here in wyandotte years ago. dittos
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I'm going to have to look into this then. Thanks.
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Should be banned

Most cities have banned Pit Bulls from their cities not just illegalized them. I hope that is the case in Wyandotte. If they are known to be in the city they should be seized. I have seen several instances of people walking these dogs along Emmons since the weather has been warmer. The animals are at the mercy of their owners who are usually using them as protection and as an intimidation factor. The people I have seen with them are usually younger adults who have bought into the media version of a hip-hop, drug dealer lifestyle. We need to send the message in Wyandotte that animals bred to attack and maim are not wanted. I love animals but these dogs are extremely frightening to me.
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