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old Stores of W&.

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Not really store but...

how about ''Johnny the Fruitman.'' I can still here the gong of that old brass bell signaling the coming of good ole Johnny's big red fruit wagon. The kids would rush out to buy candy, chips, gum and fruit juices. Seniors not able to make it to market could buy weekly fruits and vegtables. Johnny slingin' the change out of his coin belt, like a wild west gunslinger. The swinging of the old scale, and the occasional falling orange as he drove away. Wow, the good ole days. Kids and adults out playing in their yards, not all locked up inside with the xbox, ps2, and cable/satellite tv's. Going to stores together, just spending time as a family. Thanks for triggering the fond memories.
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That was '' Johnnys produce'' that was was written on that big ol' red truck. I remember it well.

How about the old Chug-A-Lug Bar on Miller and Biddle, Tug Boat on Biddle and Negaunee, Corrigans(remember the gravy and french fries)on Plum, Sta Whos, Northline Bar, Tavern on 10th, Andys, Elmers, Tears Tavern. Back in the day Cramers was the spot. And I do remember the wild times at the Jamestown Inn! Man, I miss the ''shot and a beer'' bars.

I remember the hot summer days when we would follow him until he gave us an apple or banana! That was part of summer around here.
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