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old Stores of W&.

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The old places..

Corrigans on third and plum had THE BEST fries and gravy! The breaded veal was no slouch either!!
Spent a lot of time in Cramers bar too, lots of old school pals hung out there.

How about Koz's corner on tenth and northline? Spent part of my 21st birthday in there trying to down 21 blue flames. Didnt make it.
I spent the rest of the night at Bobs bar.

How about Indian lanes and Gary Greenes ''Wham bam thankyou maams'' They tasted so good that you didnt know you were ''paralyzed'' till you tried getting out of your seat!!

Come to think of it, I'm lucky to have survived the 70's...

Still thinkin of those biker chicks at jamestown... mmm mmm mmm...

I was one of the owners of Koz's Korner in '76, '77, '78. My mother-in-law is still alive, too. My granddaughter found this site today, wish I had seen it back in 2004.


Charlie Simpson has passed away from cancer about 2005.  (Not Sure the Year).   He was a Really Great Guy.  I knew him well.  He used to like my sister (Roxann) when we were in Roosevelt  (1971).  He LIFTED the entire  (back end)  up-OFF the ground of my Oldsmobile 98, and it was a 1969 and weighed 4,800#.  Charlie could lift the Back End, off the ground, COMPLETELY !!!  He was like HERCULES.   -RR

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HA! Hey There!

Joe Derer was my Grandpa!!!  I was running around the store with my mom when I was little.  Miss that place!

Everyone spells it Deere like John Deere, even the Historical Society, but it's Derer.  He WAS a trip, try being his Grandaughter!! LOL!!! We weren't safe either.  People tell me they would go to the store to get insulted by my Grandpa.

He was a POW, WW11.  He was in Stalag Luft 111, shot down in the Yankee Powerhouse.  Him and my grandmother, both gone now, put the foundation to that store together with their hands.  SO she told me...  We would get phone calls about the store getting "robbed" which, back then, was like "I'll pay you back!" as they run with the BEER! Good times!

Do you remember all the little mom and pop stores that use to be in the city, You had Kales market on eureka between 15th and 16th and around the corner from them was Joe Deere's party store, Old joe was a trip, There was JP's market on Oak and 14th, where I bought my first under age booze, Art's store ove by the railroad tracks east of the tracks, and Art actually worked there. There was a fruit market on 12th and eureka and store on 17th and eureka, Grove drugs, Mister Music, Eureka Bedrooms, Wyandotte Tabacco and candy warehouse. Party Pantry on 14th and Eureak, next to a Jewery store, Ace bar and The Hut Bar, Eureka Bar, Remember the Clutchmen motorcycle gang that had a club between 14th and 15th on Eureka ? It was fire bombed, How about the Old Pool hall on 14th and Eureka, Then there was the bowling alleys, Sport Bowl and Westside bowling by Jerry's market, I was in there one night and there was a murder in the Bar part that served as a arcade. Guy named Benny was shot down, Some people came though the door shooting and all us kids just hit the floor, Benny had a patch on his eye and was a bad dude. Then there was John's party store on Vinewood, The store on 9th and Oak had an old couple working there that would save your change in a cup with your name on it , and you could come back and spend it another time, There was a sh#t load of stores in the city. Thinking about it, It was pretty cool. KT

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