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Great news letter Anna. For fun as I happened to be in the area I took a drive on Redwood St in the Carver school area. I was appalled. There were an abundance of for sale signs and many of the yards and homes looked totally neglected. The difference between the two sides of Streamview was remarkable to me. I believe this is in large part due to the hard work of the Redwood Community Council to keep out neighborhood safe and to encourage our neighbors to take pride in keeping the neighborhood clean and well kept. My congratulations to you all. Joan

I wanted to write and let you know just how happy I am that the name of our community has been changed back to what  I have always considered the "real" name.  My parents bought our house on Streamview in 1950 and thus were one of the original owners.  I was raised here and moved back in the mid nineties.  My parents lived in this house for 53 and 56 years.  Dad died in 2003 and mom in 2006. 

My kudos to you and all the community members for making this name change.


Cindy L.

I recently picked up a copy of the Village News
at Chollas Lake and have to tell you how impressed I am.
The header graphics make it very appealing; it stands out
among the other flyers around it.

You have done a great job making it easy to read.  The photos
add a lot,  they make it  more interesting and more appealing.  I really
appreciate your list of  community phone numbers.

Your attitude toward your community is very obvious, and
hopefully contagious!

 your Oak Park friend,
Thanks for all that you do!   Kendall and Roula S. -  Redwood Village residents
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