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Redwood Village is one of the nine communities called the College Neighborhoods. Near SDSU houses range from charming to quirky, and there's a niche for most every buyer.

To promote the area and entice future homeowners to drive into the terra incognita south of Interstate 8. "Asset mapping," has been done.

Where might one find leafy tree-lined streets and old-fashioned lampposts? Classic custom homes? The teeniest municipal park in the city of San Diego? The site of the very first Hometown Buffet? The region's largest and oldest university, San Diego State University? Every answer is on the list.

According to San Diego Police Department figures, crime rates in most of the nine neighborhoods are lower than citywide averages. The overall citywide crime rate per 1,000 people in 1999 was 40.6. The rate in Oak Park, for instance, was 32.5.

Time is bringing inevitable change. A substantial number of original homeowners in the various neighborhoods, developed decades ago, never moved on.

As a consequence, a significant number of homes have been coming on the market in recent years -- as many as 3,300 houses were expected to be offered for purchase between 1997 and 2003, or an estimated 20 percent to 25 percent of the 13,153 single-family homes in the community.

The San Diego Union - Tribune; San Diego, Calif.; May 30, 2000; Jeanne F. Brooks;


It was a small impulse. In 1995, Jim Newland, a state parks historian, was combing through lists of building permits issued decades ago, research for a work project. He recalled, "I thought I should check for my house."

Ah-ha. By so slight a beginning, hardly more than a nudge, was launched what might be called the Great History Project of East San Diego.

Before Newland is done, mysteries will be deciphered. Emotions of the human heart, now lost to dusty time, will be revealed in the landscape and architecture of the vintage neighborhoods south of Interstate 8 and east of Interstate 805.

Ambition. Dreams. Disappointments. They're all there in the curved streets and arching trees of Rolando, in the postwar starter homes of Darnall, in the splendid examples of 1950s architecture of Alvarado Estates.

But you have to know how to interpret what you see around you. Newland is writing the guidebook. Make that guidebooks. Already he has completed "A Quick History of Rolando."

Now the College Neighborhoods Foundation would like Newland to write histories of the other eight neighborhoods that, along with Rolando, constitute the area these days called the "College Neighborhoods."

Booklets will likely come out of this. Sandi Buehner, a board member of the College Neighborhoods Foundation, said her organization will be applying for grants to finance the publication of booklets, each recounting the history of one of the vintage neighborhoods.

There is also possibly a book down the road. Newland would like to write a history of these early suburbs of San Diego.

The San Diego Union - Tribune; San Diego, Calif.; Sep 7, 2000; Jeanne F. Brooks


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About our association


Redwood Village Community Council History

The Redwood Village Community Council (formerly known as The Darnall Coummunity Council) was formed in 1982 and consists of a volunteer board.

The goals of the Redwood Village Community Council (RVCC) are to promote the welfare of the community and the residents within, to secure adequate representation before any organization dealing with the well being of our community, and to serve as a channel of communication between legislative bodies or city departments and the community.

The RVCC In Action

The RVCC places phone calls, emails or sends letters to city and state officials on behalf of residents concerned with; graffiti, shopping carts, traffic mitigation, noise abatemetn and litter.
The RVCC coordinates subcommittees to handle community projects or tasks such as; Neighborhood Watch, tree plantings, graffiti removal and community clean ups.
The RVCC maintains a recognized premiere website that features a discussion board for residents to express their concerns.
The RVCC publishes and distributes through volunteers a community newsletter to Darnall and area residents. Articles are designed to provide information and address issues facing the community.

RVCC Achievements

Most recently the RVCC has received preliminary approval of 501(c)3 status by the IRS. This designation will assist us in supporting the Darnall E-Campus, the College Avenue Library and other charitable projects.

Development of a partnership with the City of San Diego's Environmental Services Dept., resulting in an effective shopping cart retrieval program. Elminating shopping carts from the streets of the community.

In collaboration with the City Attorney and Mid-City Community Court our efforts resulted in implementing projects enabling misdemeanor offenders to perform community service in Redwood Villagel as an alternative to the criminal justice process.

Our community enhancement efforts have resulted in;
community signage, bus benches, trash receptacles, stop signs,graffiti removal and increased police presence in the community.

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San Diego City Attorney
San Diego City Environmental Services
Making San Diego a Safer Place
Darnall E-Campus

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