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Coyotes in Darnall

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We saw a Coyote early Saturday morning on Streamview Drive. Has anyone else seen them
wandering around?
Coyotes in Darnall - YES

Yes, there have been coyotes in our neibhborhood for years. In fact, my niece almost lost her Pomeranian in 1998 when a coyote attacked it in their backyard on Marron St. Luckily, the little dog had a lot of hair and the coyote was unable to get a good enough bite, the yelping alerted my niece to the problem and the coyote was scared away. The dog spent a week at the vet with major blood loss and a lot of tooth puncture wounds from the coyote, but did recover. It was several months before it would go outside by itself. Smart dog.

By Joni, Romo St. Resident
Keep cats indoors.

Yes. I've seen a Coyote on Michael and Day street. There are several that live in Chollas Lakes also.

Keep your cats indoor at night. As a rule indoor cats live 5 years longer than outdoor cats. Outdoor cats are in danger from decease, cars, coyotes, dogs and other cats.

Cats are clean and intelligent animals and can be trained to use scratching post and litter boxes very easily.

Fixed cats make better indoor cats and pets. Low cost spade and neuter programs are offered by the county animal control office.

They also have many cats that are looking for someone to care for them. Many of these cats come from irresponsible pet owners who did not fix there cats and allowed them to wonder the neighborhood. So don't buy a cat from a pet store. Save money and show your compassion by adopting these unfortunate creatures.
We live off of streamview and XXX St. This morning around 8am there was a coyote just hanging out on neighbors front yard by their car. I don't know if it was just looking for food or maybe just trying to find a warm place to sleep considering it's been pretty cold. Two of our neighbors have lost their dog to what they think may have been to a coyote. The dog was not completely missing... As they did find some remains along side of their home. We have a few dogs and they are not allowed to out back without suporvision. I love all animals and don't have anything against coyotes but please keep your little pets indoors because coyotes been sited a lot lately in this area.
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