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new name?

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you people have way too much time on your hands.. you should better spend your efforts on education, volunteering for a good cause or helping some homeless people... a new name sounds rather egotistical to me.
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Another Opinion

Neighborhood Watch,monitoring Crossroads Redevelopment, participating on the local planning committee, distributing newsletters, providing support to start a nearby community council, eliminating storm water pollution, removing graffiti, reducing speed on residential streets, pursuing non-profit status are issues that volunteers from the Darnall community have actively supported. It's my opinion that the name change is a by product of residents showing interest and pride in their community. This tract was named Redwood Village in 1951 and was geared to first time home owners. Over fifty years later it retains its friendly neighborhood atmosphere and still attracts first time home owners. Redwood Village? Darnall? Let the residents decide.
What's in a name?

I can understand why you might feel this way?—but if you think about it you will see the value in it.

First of all it is not so much that we are renaming the community, surprisingly few people are aware that they live in Darnall to begin with.

Why does it matter that we have a name for our community? We need a name to call our community to build community pride. The first step is to create a sense of community pride is having a name to call ourselves. So we need a name, a name that we feel good about and projects a the image of a nice community. Once we have something to call ourselves we will begin to identify with our neighbors by having this sense of place. By building community pride we can increase community activism, improve the appearance of our properties, be more responsible neighbors. People may think twice before littering, playing their music too load, letting their yards go to seed, speeding down the street, ect.. As we all learn to respect our community and our neighbors things will change for the better.

So with a very small amount of effort we can have a huge impact at the grassroots level.

If you are unhappy with what their are doing perhaps you should ask yourself what you are doing to help the community. Contributing your feedback here is a good start. Perhaps you can build on this momentum. Have you been attending the meetings? Have you corresponded with the leadership?

Also, you should know that the council members are busy people and our making these efforts on our behalf. They are doing what they feel the community wants and will best serve our interests. They have taken their time and effort to help me on several occactions and as a community I think we owe them our graduated and support.

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same same...

you know...I was looking through these, wondering when the last post was and came across this one. this seems as good a place as any to ask the question that's been asked of me and by me, but not to those who need to hear it.....WHY do YOU REALLY want to change the name of our neighborhood? is it the NAME or is it YOUR BOTTOM LINE?????

it was named Darnall for a reason. who are WE to belittle THAT? are YOU going to tell Darnall's family you want to change his legacy? I believe WE need to ask THEIR permission before we change anything.
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