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No one ever came to speak to me

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No one from the civic association came to speak to me about my mailbox while I was building it. No one came to speak to me about it when I was done. I only found out that there was a ''problem'' when I received a certified letter from DelDOT that it was ''out of compliance'' and that it would be destroyed if I did not replace it with one of acceptable standards within 30 days. If anyone like Ron Carbine our illustrious leader had come to talk to me in a civil or civic manner he would have found me receptive to any constructive criticism. In fact when I did confront Ronald as I knew he was behind the entire ordeal, he confirmed my cognition. His criticism was not constructive however he simply said, quite callously, ''It looks like sh!t.'' Fairly juvenille and certainly not constructive. My mailbox was blown up by a vandal last year. It was my goal and endeavor and I would argue, my accomplishment to build a vandal resistant mailbox. How many of you have had your mailboxes destroyed in the last year, month, week. You can understand my frustration when the fire marshall did nothing, the postal inspector did nothing, but I did something I took a stand for my right to have my mail safely delivered to my house for the duration of the residence. Now I am taking a stand for the right to keep my mailbox.
I've spoken to our letter carrier, I would argue a mailbox expert, and she has no objection to it. So far the only one that I know that has an objection to my mailbox is Ron Carbine and he has viciously used his power as civic association leader to torment me. He has never once even introduced himself to me but he can be judge jury and executioner of my mailbox via his buddy at DelDOT, he is also guilty of huberis in my opinion. When I called Gary R. Jones at DelDOT to inquire what the cause and source of the report was and what opportunity I might have for appeal he very rudely told me it was the law and I couldn't appeal. Don't we still live in America? Without tipping my hand too much, as to my next move I will be, just say, this law seems to be applied very unequally around this and neighboring communities. I would ask you to join this discussion and let your voice be heard. Thank-you for your time.

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Way too busy!

Well the last comment was deleted! So i'll keep it clean this time! Personally I don't understand how Mr Carbine can be so up set and only have the words ''it looks like s**t'' as a source to attack! We currently have a promblem with vandilism, wreckless drivers, crimes, and other dangers to our youth in our community. For almost 20yrs I've lived in this neighborhood. I've grown up with many of the adults and familys still here. I've scene people come and go, and people make attempts to change things. This man promised to help his community yet he stays close to only his friends, while ignoring his other neighbnors. He starts wars becouse he can not communicate with his neighbors! He also doesn't feel putting in a second speed bump and building a wall to stop local trafic to admirals club is importent! I as well have had my home, mailbox, and vehicles vandiliced! We need a new civic assn. and we need a neighborhood watch program started! Thanks Doug and sorry you have to deal with this ignorence of power! Our civic assn doesn't have a clue! Thats why they still come to me as if I know all going on! Mr Carbine it is I who watches your street as well as my own! It is I who reports drunk drivers and vandilism! It is I at 2am who see's people driving across lawns! It would be ashaim if that one night you need it, and I am not there! Focus on your community not your personal feelings! Couse personally I think your house is a lil F*ggish and really looks like sh#t! So perhaps you should tear it down, and about a dozen neighbors agree with me so I'm just doing what I'm supposed to! Stop picking on people and do your job, look past it as being more than a mail box, it's a street light, it's a warning to slow down, it's a sign that we the community of Red Mill have had enough and are tired of replacing our mail boxs and this one will last till the end! Hey Ron, remember the brick used to build many Romian buildings hundereds of years ago, still stands! This mail box is not and will not come down!

Micheal Lawler
Supporter of Bisbee Street light and Mailbox created by Doug Howard!
I like it!

I actually like the mail box! I don't live in Red Mill but I have passed through and scene it and can say I see no promblem with it! It's ashaim your Civic Assn. leader is being a jerk to you! I hope it all works out!

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