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ESSI Summer 2003 Three Rivers of Yunnan Trip Cancelled

Apr 05, 2003

We regret to announce the cancellation of the Three Rivers of Yunnan trip for summer 2003.

After numerous discussions with various prospective travelers, the Three Rivers of Yunnan trip will have to wait for better times.

There were multiple concerns raised relative to the current international affairs of the US in the middle east, the SARS matter in Asia, and increasing security situations rising from both of these matters.

I looked forward to this summer trip, The ESSI decision to cancel the Three Rivers of Yunnan trip for summer 2003 was not an easy one. Many months of time and effort have gone into researching, planning, and coordinating the trip. However, the current international situation with Iraqi caused increased security concerns for some travelers. The recent SARS situation added further complications.

We got word that authorities at Bangkok International Airport began 14-day quarantines of suspected SARS travelers. A good friend of ours called from a hospital to report her confinement. Since SARS symptoms are similar to a common cold, and any number of travel personnel can raise a red flag on any passenger, it became obvious that anyone in the group being detained would seriously impact our trip. [Note: Ever since childhood, I have had a sinus condition that results in a chronic stuffy nose. Can you imagine what would happen if our group shows up in Bangkok and the leader is isolated for 14-days?]

After reviewing information about SARS on the web and consulting personal medical contacts, it seems we are still dealing with a largely unknown disease. It seems unwise to expose ourselves to the risk of an unknown infection that is largely suspected as being an airborne transmitted disease. Confinement for long flights in aircraft with inadequate air filtering practices (a long a contested issue among flight staff for several years), increased delays for airport security---and now medical inspections---further subjects us to long periods of potential exposure in crowded, confined situations. This risk could not be taken lightly.

For more information about SARS, feel free to consult the following websites. There are many more, and the word among the health care givers is to check and monitor the SARS situation daily. This is a fast breaking, ever changing situation as new aspects of the disease are revealed and new infections are reported.

More Info on SARS - travel

More Information about quarantine

However, please keep in touch for future possible educational/adventure trips. We have plans in motion for Thailand focusing on elephants, and the Chinese wild elephant valley near Jinghong is only 2 days travel away from northern Thailand.

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