EZ MART Robbery

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Here is a letter that I wrote to EZ mart concerning our neighborhood





My name is Danny Testerman and i am a Five year resident home owner of the longs creek subdivision in San Antonio Tx. I absolutely love the staff and the service at your 15705 Classen Rd, San Antonio, TX 78247 location.


However… This location has been robbed several times over the past 5 years. I once had a conversation with a former employee( an elderly gentlemen) who was frequently working the late night shift and after having read the sign on the door which stated( please knock for service). Your employee at my request told me that he was the victim of a robbery and was battered by a pistol wielding offender and this was not his first time being robbed at this store.


I remember thinking to myself that this neighborhood has always seemed so peaceful and I was concerned because this particular gas station is in the middle of two subdivisions in a secluded area. THE PERFECT AREA FOR A CRIMINAL TO THRIVE.  This seems a bit ridiculous………. How easy it must be  for a Thief to get away with a crime in such an area. 



Last night Friday August 31st  at 10:15pm the 15705 Classen Rd, San Antonio, TX 78247 Location was robbed once again and the Employee working, a blonde haired  girl with glasses maybe 26 years of age was alone and has her life threatened by a gun toting thug who makes off with YOUR MONEY


Why can't you install a night window???? Preferably a bullet proof one?  This Zip code 78247 has a very low crime rate yet this store seems to be a frequent problem? You have got to do something to detour this criminal behavior.

I understand you have some great surveillance  but thats not enough.


How can we work tougher to get a Night window installed?? 

I am distributing a copy of this letter to all the surrounding home owners associations in an effort to raise awareness and come up with a possible solution to this problem.


Surely the amount it would cost would equal less than the amount that has been stolen from you and would be a great investment to protect the lives of your staff.

My question to  my neighbors ,


Would you be willing to help raise the funds that would provide a night window to protect and detour criminal behavior from our community?

what are your thoughts?

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