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Our neighborhood, once part of the Gilbert family holdings and founded by early settlers of Fulton County, is now making a dramatic comeback because of the collaborative revitalization efforts of community residents, concerned citizens, and civic, corporate and governmental leadership.  Perkerson Civic Association is proud to lead the way in rebuilding, restoring, and revitalizing this vitally historic neighborhood.  Our commitment encompasses 3 ideals:

  1. Historic preservation—retraining the historic and cultural character of the existing community;
  2. Non-displacement—maintaining neighborhood diversity by intervening and improving life opportunities for residents; and
  3. Sustainability—linking mixed-income, mixed-use development to sustainable economic growth, thereby creating an environment where families can be self-sufficient.



The amount is $12.00 for the Annual Membership Dues for the PCA. This is voluntary in order to help us cover the cost of paper and printing and other expenses that arise to help people attend meetings to represent the group. This fee breaks down to $1.00 per month.


Perkerson Neighborhood - Housing Information

Our neighborhood is comprised of approximately 500 single-family residences, two senior highrises on Springdale Road and one SRO (Single Residency Occupancy) for single individuals who have been formerly homeless that is located on Metropolitan Parkway.


***Single-Family Residential Homes***

The Perkerson Community consists of approximately 500 single-family residential homes. Many of these homes were built around 1950 being considered ranch style homes. You will generally find homes with 3 Bedrooms/1 Bathroom with the rooms being extremely large. Those homes that have been renovated show the tremendous opportunity that is available because some become 5 bedroom & 2 bath homes.

Another type of home found in the Perkerson Community  include the cottage style home with 3 Bedrooms/1 Bathroom or even 2 Bedrooms/1 Bathroom. These homes were built in 1950 as well.


***Condominium Loft Homes For Rent***

The most modern homes in the community include the 3 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms Loft Style Luxury Apartment Style Homes that were built around 2006-2007. These were originally built as condominiums however the great recession happened and this led to a change of plans due to the tightening of the credit market for home purchases.

Both indoor and outdoor parking are available with storage units available onsite. Modern conveniences are available onsite with high-end computer access and video camera access with swimming pool and club house.

Ride down Metropolitan Parkway to the Avery Road intersection for a view of the newest housing in the community.



*** Senior Citizen Highrises/Non-Profit Owned ***

1) Lakewood Christian Manor

2) Trinity Towers

 Please look in the phone book for phone numbers for Santa Fe Villas on Springdale Road.



*** SRO/Non-Profit Owned / formerly homeless & Disabled ***

1) Santa Fe Villas on Metropolitan Parkway

Please look in the phone book for phone numbers for Santa Fe Villas on

Metropolitan Parkway.



Perkerson Neighborhood Homestyle Information

The Perkerson neighborhood has two types of homestyles basically. The first type is the brick built ranch homes from the 1950's era that have a lot of room for basement built-outs. The second type is wood frame houses built after the war (World War II) that are small starter type homes built around the 1940's. Most of the homes in the Perkerson were built for soldiers coming and going from the Fort McPherson military base.



Perkerson Civic Association is a volunteer organization whose mission is to assist in the positive development of the Perkerson Community by creating a safe and livable community for neighbors to enjoy with their families and foster economic development for business creation and jobs development.


Chair:  Ruben Burney or


Secretary: Flora M. Tommie


Volunteer positions are as follows:

Flier Distributors - community volunteers needed to assist with distribution of monthly meeting fliers and special events fliers. Select your street and volunteer to distribute fliers to your neighbors.

Newsletter Writers - community volunteers are needed to publish a monthly newsletter for members of the Perkerson community. Come and develop your writing skills.

Data Entry volunteers - volunteers are needed to develop a membership database. Spend a little time updating your computer skills.

Sign Placement Volunteers - volunteer to place signs out for the monthly meeting. Choose to place a sign at your household or at a visible location.

It really does not take much time. If everyone does a little bit, then a lot will be done.


NPU-X (Neighborhood Planning Unit X)


The NPU-X Meeting takes place the second Monday of each Month at 7:00 p.m. at The Stewart-Lakewood Library located at 2893 Lakewood Avenue, SW / Atlanta, Georgia 30315-5803.





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