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Community Planning and Economic Development Committee
This committee is responsible for 1) notifying the community about upcoming land use and licensing issues, 2) hosting a monthly meeting to review and learn about these land use and licensing issues, 3) inviting the public and relevant officials/government staff/others to the monthly meeting, and 4) making recommendations to the Board of Directors on specific matters. This group typically deals with land owners who are requesting support for zoning matters, business owners who are seeking support for licenses or license changes, residents who are concerned about a particular issue in the neighborhood such as the environment or traffic, and housing and economic development issues in general. The committee meets at 6:30 at the Arlington Hills Library, Check the Calendar. Ted Hecht is currently the chairperson of the committee.

Neighborhood Action Committee
This committee is responsible for overseeing the block club and crime prevention programs of the District Five Planning Council. The committee discusses the needs that block clubs have in the neighborhood and plans events related to those needs. Furthermore, the committee discusses how to help neighbors become more acquainted with the "system" and solve problems on their block and come together across racial, economic, etc. lines to make a more unified neighborhood.This committee meets on the third Tuesday of each month, at the Arlington Hills Library, 6:30p.m.
In relation to this committee is the 'Problem Properties Task Force'. The 'Task Force' meets to discuss issues relating to properties that are below neighborhood standards. This meeting is held quarterly on the third Tuesday of each month, at the Arlington Hills Library, 5:30 p.m.

II. Other Committees Which Meet as Needed
Public Relations Committee
This committee handles all District Five Planning Council marketing and public relations, including oversight of newsletters, annual reports, publicity posters, brochures, our web site, and other publicity activities.

Administration and Personnel Committee
This committee meets as necessary to review or discuss: 1) Fiscal/financial policies and issues including the annual audit, the budget, fund-raising, grants and contracts, etc...; 2) Personnel policies and procedures, staff hiring/evaluation/compensation issues, including the annual evaluation of the Executive Director, and non-Executive Director staff concerns or complaints, and 3) other matters regarding the office, operation of the organization, or policies as necessary.

Other Committees
Other committees of the organization which meet only as necessary include: 1) the Documents Committee to review by-laws, standing rules, and other documents and make recommendations as necessary, and 2) the Nominating Committee, which meets before each Annual Meeting to discuss recruitment and plans for the annual election.


About our association

Board of Directors & Staff

District Five Planning Council
2007-2008 Board of Directors


Ryan Kapaun, President
Laura Nelson, Vice President
Robert Fox, Secretary
Janice LaFloe, Treasurer


A.L. Brown
David Syers
Elaine Johnson
Ed Davis
Robert Fox
Daniel Garcia-Velez
Mike Grealish
Ted Hecht Sr.
Ryan Kapaun
Janice LaFloe
Kim Mathes
Eric Mitchell
Laura Nelson
Joel Peck
Cheryl Peterson
Ray Sammons
Philip Sandro
Mike Venem
Maychy Vu
Buzz Wilson

District 5 Staff:

Leslie McMurray, Executive Director/Organizer
Patty Lammers, Neighborhood Safety Organizer
Deborah Eide, Administrative and Outreach Assistant

Neighborhood Action Committee

Co-Chair, Eric Mitchell
Co-Chair, Rob Fox

Community Planning & Economic Development Committee (CPED)

Chair, A.L. Brown

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