Park Place Civic Association

PPCA Minutes- 1/24/2000

Meeting Minutes 1/24/2000


I. Old Business:

· As of January 24, 2000 76 households, out of 833 had paid dues to PPCA totaling $1,500.
· The “Holiday Lights Contest” of this past holiday season was a great success. Pickerington area business contributed all of the gifts which were handed out to the winners. PPCA thanks the business for their support of PPCA and thanks all of the residents of Park Place for all of the beautiful decorations.
· A special Thanks to Diana McDonald for organizing the contest and collecting and distributing all of the gifts!

II. New Business:

A. Proposed Rezoning- Tom Herlihy, Development Specialist- National Church Residences and Jeff McNeally, Attorney at Law (representing NCR).
· The purpose of PPCA’s January meeting was to make the residents of Park Place aware of the development which was proposed to occur on Tussing Road and to disseminate the information and facts gathered surrounding the issue. Members from National Church Residents, Inc. (“NCR”) were invited to the meeting to speak about the proposed project and answer any questions or concerns the community had.
· NCR is a non-profit organization which has been in existence for over 30-years.
· NCR is no longer affiliated with any denominational or religious organization.
· NCR is based out of Columbus, OH and now has facilities in 25-states.
· NCR specializes in elderly housing (i.e. independent living not assisted living)
· NCR has several facilities, in and around, Columbus.
· The NCR facility that is proposed to be built on Tussing Road (“Tussing facility”) would be located on the NORTH side of Tussing Road and on the EAST side of Grand Haven Road on 2.6 acres currently zoned C-1 for light commercial development.
· Before building the proposed Tussing facility, NCR has to get the City of Columbus’ Development Committee to approve the rezoning of the proposed site from C-1 to R-1 residential. Since the site needed to be rezoned before the Tussing facility could be built, NCR was required to notify all residents within 150-feet of the proposed site and also notify any active civic association in the area (if any existed). Park Place Civic Association (“PPCA”) and the Tussing Area Coalition (“TAC”) were notified and presented with the rezoning papers.
· NCR is meeting with the City of Columbus’ Development Committee in order to obtain approval for the rezoning at a hearing March 9, 2000.
· The Tussing facility is being built with funding obtained through the Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) Section 202 which has many requirements including a non-profit sponsor.
· The Tussing facility has not received any tax abatements. The Tussing facility will pay real estate taxes.
· NCR will manage the facility while it is in operation. NCR does not farm out the on-site management responsibilities to outside management companies. NCR continues to own and manage all of their facilities across the country.
· Typically, the resident manager of NCR’s facilities are a husband/wife team.
· The Tussing facility would be a 50-unit facility. Forty-nine (49) units would be for potential residents. One (1) unit is for the on-site manager. All of the residential units are one-bedroom units with the exception of the on-site Manager’s unit which is a two-bedroom unit.
· Demand for this type of housing is high in this area and is growing across the country.
· “Eligible residents” would have to be :
· 62 years or older
· annual income has to be less than 50% of the area’s median income. Studies of the area have shown the median income to be approximately $12,000/$13,000.
· 30% of the qualified residents’ annual income is paid as rent. Since most of the residence are retired, this percentage is reserved from their social security income.
· Since this is an “independent living” community, as opposed to, an “assisted living” facility, the Tussing facility will not have any nurses or doctors on-site.
· The maximum number of persons allowed to live in any of the one-bedroom units is two (2). However, NCR’s experience has been that approximately 80% of the residents will be single occupants.
· A question arose as to whether or not a grandchild or grown adult child could live at the facility with the qualified resident. NCR’s response was that it has not been a issue or problem in the past. In regards to a qualified resident housing a grandchild, it is state law that the child has their own separate room. That is not possible in the one-room units being built as part of this facility. Regarding the possibility of a grown adult child living with the qualified resident, NCR responded that it could potentially occur. However, this has not been an issue in previous developments.
· Although it is not owned by NCR, there is another “independent living” residence for seniors in Pickerington which was also funded under HUD section 202. It is located near the Pickerington Post Office and has existed for approx. 6-years. There is currently a waiting-list for new residents at this facility.
· Although the proposed facility would be located in Fairfield County, no preference would given to Fairfield County residence over Franklin County residence. Qualified residents would be selected on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, if an area church or other non-profit organization assists or “sponsors” the project, they often make their constituents aware of the situation before the information is formally introduced to the public at large.
· Two sets of plans were shown. Both had their entrance off of Grand Haven Road (on the north side of Tussing Rd.). One plan was for a 2-story building shaped like a “T” while the other plan was for an in-line 3-story building.
· The parking lot for the facility is smaller than what would accompany an office park or apartment complex because many of the elderly residents do not drive.
· A NCR van is used to transport the residents.
· NCR does not foresee a significant increase in traffic as a result of building the Tussing facility.
· Drainage for the Tussing facility had not been decided on as of our meeting date. However, it is likely that NCR will use existing drainage into Blacklick creek coupled with a retention pond located somewhere on the facility.
· NCR has not yet decided whether or not the proposed Tussing facility will be brick or siding. NCR stated that they take into consideration the style and design of the surrounding buildings and houses. There was some opposition within the audience of using brick because the neo-colonial style would not mesh well with the surrounding area/neighborhood.
· NCR will try to make the finalized plans for the Tussing facility available for PPCA’s next meeting.
· NCR stated that they were currently not required to widen any part of Tussing Road since the entrance for the facility is off of Grand Haven Drive on the north side of Tussing Road and because studies have shown that this type of residence does not add significantly to the traffic in an area. However, NCR understood the areas concern and stated that they would assist PPCA in speaking with the Columbus City Council to get the widening of Tussing Road moved up. In prior conversations with the Traffic and Safety Committee of Columbus City Council, the widening of Tussing Road is to take place within five (5) to ten (10) years. However, the Tussing Area Coalition (“TAC”), which PPCA rolls-up into, has had previous meetings with the Traffic and Safety Committee and the City of Columbus will be installing a light at the intersection of Hines Road and Tussing in the Spring of 2000. The roads will also be widened for a turning lane at this intersection for four-hundred (400) feet.
· Additional information about NCR may be obtained from their website at

B. Bob Harding- Pickerington Area Tax Alliance (“PATA”)
· PATA was established a couple of months ago in order for the residents of Pickerington and surrounding areas to have a voice in the issues currently facing the community at large.
· The issues currently being addressed include the Pickerington school system, use or misuse of taxpayers dollars, and the perceived uncontrolled development occurring in and around Pickerington.
· Bob stressed the importance of area civic associations and their need to focus on issues that pertain to their neighborhoods. However, he also stressed the importance of working together with other civic associations, in and around Pickerington, to give the entire community a voice in the process.
· Residents interested in participating in PATA can contact Bob at 755-2464.

III. Closing Remarks
· PPCA is forming a committee in order to obtain the support of Tussing Road businesses for widening Tussing Road. With their support, we will again approach the Columbus City Council and make them aware of the need to have Tussing Road widen more rapidly than 5 to 10 years as it is currently slated. If you are interested, please, attend the next PPCA meeting or send an e-mail to
· Next PPCA meeting will be held on Thursday, February 24 at 7:30p.m. at the Holy Redeemer Lutheran Church on the corner of Rte 256 and Rte 204.

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