Park Place Civic Association

Meeting Minutes- 10/10/00

PPCA October Meeting minutes


I. Old Business

a. PPCA Successes!
Hines Road Clean up effort!- Held on Saturday, Sept 23rd. Collected 6-bags of trash from both sides of Hines Road. Suggested having a similar clean-up effort for the Tussing border sometime in the future. Watch the website calendar
Highland Park entrance clean up!- Neighborhood high school students that have their own business cleaned up the Highland Park/ Tussing entrance (i.e. cut back scrubs, disposed of waste, weeded, replaced lighting)
Parked cars at Grand Haven- Action Taken!- Resident called the Columbus Zoning Department to report that cars parked (for sale) in the vacant lot at Grand Haven and Tussing were in violation of the parcels zoning. The Zoning Department posted a temporary (5-day) signed which stated that cars parked on the property would be towed and individuals fined up to $2,000. Columbus City Police may also be contacted to have the cars towed.

b. Treasurer Update
Dues Update- Jay Barnes gave a reconciliation of the PPCA bank account. At the last meeting in May, the balance in the account was $1,621.75. The expenses since then were: $4.25 for community garage sale sign, $34.88 garage sale advertisement, $20 garage sale advertisement, $100.00 entrance cleanup/landscaping, and $45.00 bank service charge. The current balance is $1,417.62. Jay is currently working on obtaining information from the IRS in order to prove to the bank that the PPCA is a not-for-profit organization. Once this is demonstrated to the bank, they will reimburse the PPCA checking account for the $45 service charge.
Clean-up funds
Committee Funds – process

c. Tussing Rd./Hines Rd. Light Update- Jesse Garcia has done an excellent job following up w/ Mary Ellen O’Shaunessy’s office with the City of Columbus to continuously make sure a light is going to be put in at Hines and Tussing. He is currently following up weekly. The process of widening Tussing and Hines at this intersection, as well as, putting in the stop light was suppose to originally occur in July 2000. They later told Jesse August. Now they are telling him that this will be completed by the “end of the season”. Although it would appear that “the season” is about to end, this project is still on the City of Columbus’ list.

II. New Business

a. Committee Updates
Deeds Committee- Ellen Paulus explained what the Deeds Committee has been doing over the summer and stressed the importance of enforcing deeds in our neighborhood in order to preserve it’s appearance and home owners value. Unfortunately, the number of violations (i.e. boats parked/stored for longer than 72-hours, campers, trailers, etc) are on the rise despite letters sent to home owners in violation. Ellen then read the standard letter sent out to addresses in violation notifying them of the deed restriction and asking them to please correct. While some have responded and are now complying, others continue to violate the deed restrictions. Ellen and the other members of the committee are currently looking for legal representation or an attorney within the neighborhood to assist them in enforcing the deeds.
Beautification Committee- There was minimal activity over the summer. It was suggested during the meeting that having more neighborhood volunteers on this committee would allow us to cut the cost of paying someone to maintain the entrances to the neighborhood. The general consensus was that we should try to have volunteers help with this and only pay for the service if it goes undone.
Signs????- Veronica Rehm is going to follow up with a neighbor she knows that would be able to create PPCA signs. These signs would have a better appearance that the current practice of using poster-board taped on realty signs. PPCA would likely pay for the material costs involved in producing these signs.
Traffic & Safety Committee
Street Lights- Norman Deena and Mike Fisher have begun looking into the costs associated with obtaining street lights for the neighborhood. A this point, the lights would cost $700 for each resident. This could be paid up-front or made part of the resident’s property tax bill and spread over ten-years ($70/year). Norman may be able to obtain a grant from the City of Columbus in order to lower the cost on the residents. This lighting would be like the lamps in Park Place West. The electricity would be part of the City’s service (residents would not have to pick up additional electrical bill). If we wait for the City of Columbus to take action, it could take up to 15-years (if it happens at all). Lighting could be approved, or disapproved, on a street-by-street basis (i.e. if Highland Park residents approve a petition to install lights by greater than 60%, lights will be installed. However, if only 40% of the residents on Oakland Hills want the lighting, it would not be installed). Norman and Mike are continuing to follow up on this matter. It was suggested that they follow up w/ AEP.
Newsletter Committee
Halloween Parade Committee- The Neighborhood Halloween Parade will take place at 6:00pm at Highland Park/Old Tussing Road and end on Alvamar Ct. This is the 10th anniversary of this event. Ed Caldwell and HER Realty have always sponsored the event and it has been a great success. Ed suggested that PPCA set up a booth or hand out literature to promote neighborhood awareness of the civic association. Melinda will put a PPCA brochure together and volunteers are being sought to hand out flyers and answer questions about PPCA
Holiday Lights Committee- Diana McDonald is heading up the 2nd Annual Holiday Lights Contest. Again, this event was a great success last year and PPCA gave out several prizes to many Park Place residents. All of the prizes were donated by area merchants. Diana is currently seeking volunteers to assist her with this years contest.

b. Website Issues –

Website Handouts
Watch Calendar for Upcoming Events!!
Committee Meeting Postings Encouraged!!

c. Potential Grants for PPCA?
Street Lighting- see above

d. 2001 Election Time – Next Month!!
Submit Nominations for all offices
Neighborhood Reps Volunteers
Committee Heads Volunteers

II. Open for Discussion- Homewood is currently undertaking steps necessary to re-zone property on the south side of Refugee Road and east of Hines from agricultural to single and multi-family residential (apartments). The City of Columbus- Development Committee is meeting Thursday, Oct. 12 to consider the re-zoning. PPCA encouraged residents to attend and voice their concerns. See the “Calendar of Events” section of the PPCA website for additional details.

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Posted by parkplace on 10/10/2000
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