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Are you all tired of the loud boom boxes, and the crime in are neighborhood? Well i am. no one is doing anything about it. I haven't had a chance to relax in my own home sence i moved in this hell neighborhood. It needs to stop, and it starts with all the section 8 people living here. come on neighbors!!!!! we all have to live here rite? Lets stop all of this and live like ordinary folks. I walk outside and i see trash and broken beer bottles, I pick them up, and throw it away, Just like you all should do. This place needs ''HELP'' And i don't think we are getting it from old west reality. We as neighbors, need to come together and take back our neighborhood. A few of us ''HOME OWNERS'' DESERVE A QUIT LIVING

Almost every city has noise ordinance to deal with construction noise, boom boxes, loud parties, etc. When noise ordinance is not available, the police uses the public nuissance law to deal with it. Check your city for noise ordinance or call the police. Before you call the police, talk to the noise makers first to be aware of your intent. This usually works. It puts the noise makers on notice. Good Luck.

What needs to be done is make "NOISEMAKERS" responsible for the rent to neighbors!  Their noise is like they have taken over your space and made it theirs!  I to have faced problems only from those who pay full rent! 

Now for those of you who think our rooms are cheap. NO The Apartment gets just what the going price is for the same room.  If the rent is $1000 than that's what the apartment complex gets. The only space I'm responsible for is mine and I keep my noise to myself! 

So for you who lease out rooms our happieness is as important than theirs and even more so because we are rarely evicted for not paying rent unless we lost our qualification!  But the stigma of being on public support is always the first thing attacked!  Usually by noisemakers!

Yes, not only do we deserve it's also paid for!


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You dont talk to the noise makers!! Thats how you end up getting your house egged or worse....if the noise is disturbing you, call 3-1-1, i repeat, 3-1-1, and you can remain anonymous if you like. Eventually the renters will probably get kicked out anyways.
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