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We are a family of six residing at Hidden Canyon sub-division. My kids are grown and some are in college doing their own stuff. They are fast thinkers, law abiding and hard workers. We have lived in Hidden Canyon since 1993. My wife and I are college graduates. I happen to be a Sooner. I have held many jobs as an environmentalist, environmental specialist, health inspector, environmental compliance officer, hazardous waste specialist, safety assessor, including teaching. That's right-teaching. I played sports, namely soccer and ping pong. I was also a state referee before a surgery that sidelined me. My kids played sports for their respective high schools, namely soccer, volleyball and basket ball. I own a pest control business called "what's Bugging You? Below is a little information about my business. More on me such as intrests, etc. may be found in my websites below.


Ants, Bed Bugs, Roaches, Bees, Mice Bugging you? Bug Control Is All We Do.

 It makes no difference if your need is one time, or multiple times. The result is the SAME quality service, at a reasonable price.

Why What's Bugging You Pest Control?

one Price, quality Service, Safety, Option-(Pesticide & no Pesticide).

(packet) 1 level @ $25.00; 2 levels @ $30.00; Add your front & back yards @ $15.00 extra.

 Singly @ $35.00 per area treated.

** excludes mice, bees (colony) and severe infestation.

Service Types: Move ins & move outs, pest maintenance, constructions & remodeling, etc.

For more information:




Service Area: N Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada.

Call, Text 702-406-3080 Today

Your Bug Is My Business

Location: N. Las Vegas
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Website: http://www.whatsbuggingyounevada.com/
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