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Theft, Vandalism & Privacy Concerns

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I live in the entrance off Hwy 51 and want to make everyone aware of some new concerns that have just creep into our neighborhood. Last week, there were 3 homes or vehicles affected by either theft or vandalism and in all case our privact was violated.

 I would like to think we live in a quiet, safe neighborhood where these kind of actions do not take place, unfortunately we have to protect ourselves against criminals everywhere now. I have filed a police report, however since the other 2 neighbors didnt experience any loss, they have not filed any reports.

Just want to make everyone aware of what has happened to a few of us and ask that if anyone sees anything late at night that looks like it doesnt seem right, please do not hesitate to call the Hernando police.

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Yes, I will call the Hernando Police Department and make a report if I see anything.  The neighborhood is less than 1 mile away from the Town Square.  Why do I need a homeowners association when we live less than a mile away and we can rely on City codes already in place?  I will go to the city first, (I can walk over there) and take care of the problem,,, before I go to an unnecessary homeowners association.  

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