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*annoying moped rider*

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Got any ideas how to stop that person on the loud moped racing up and down Halemaumau St at all hours of the day? The noise has traumatized my now 15 month old baby. Thank you....

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Call 911 to report loud mopeds

?§291C-206 Modifying moped motor; violation. (a) A motor used to power a moped shall not be modified in any manner except as authorized by the motor manufacturer and any such modification shall not increase the power capacity of the motor above two horsepower (one thousand four hundred ninety-two watts).

(b) Any person who violates this section shall be fined not more than $500. [L 1978, c 175, pt of ?§15; am L 1993, c 214, ?§18; am L 1998, c 25, ?§2]

Ha Ha sounds like a good law, but is it enforcable. Right now as I write, a person down the street is making loud disruptive, volatile comments as he walks. This is 11:34PM on a Tuesday. By the time HPD is activated and investigates he's long gone...Same with the mopeds with increasing fatalities, modified mopeds, loud mufflers, racing , you would think someone would ask for a ban....Maybe after 10PM stiffen the fines, etc. Yea right, we live in Hawaii, the Aloha State, tolerant to all criminals with a slap on wrist. Absolutely nothing will be done.....nice law though.

I often thought about taking matters in my own hands....I have the same problems and it's seems to be increasing, meaning the volume and numbers. By the time HPD responds, the mopeders are long gone. You think the moped drivers, care if people are sleeping at 3AM,  trying to get some REM time to be ready to work. No way, they are canvasing your neighborhood, delivering drugs, participating in criminal activity, etc, it's an ideal time. Nothing will be done. I wish I could take the law into my own hands...Would be nice to have an idiot free society....

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