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Barking Dogs

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I am the owner of a barking dog and am very sympathetic to your complaints. My dog is a rescue and I have own him now for 16 months. My neighbor who has the issue is under the belief I am not doing anything to resolve the issue. He has been very passive aggressive in dealing with the issue and does not seem to be aware of my efforts. My dog is extremely smart and my measures are effective for a short period of time and then the dog will learn. The bottom line, if my neighbor would communicate with me he might know I am concernned and am trying to be a good neighbor and attempting to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

Very simply put if you dogs actions barking falls under the set definition of a nuisance animal you as the owner of that animal are more than likly aware or should be. If your neighbors jammed there music at the same decibels as your dogs all night would you walk up to them and politely ask them to turn it down full well knowing the are aware of the problem and apparantly do not care ? I think not you all most likly would phone the police .16 mounths is far to long to expect undestanding!If you research the problem you might find the steps described by offended owners are recommended by most govement agencies and web sights. IF YOUR ANIMALS ARE NUISANCE AS DEFINDED BY YOUR LOCAL GOV. EITHER TRAIN THEM MOVE WERE THEY CANT BOTHER OTHERS OR GET RID OF THEM! 3 mounths is more than long enough for you to correct the offensive conduct of your dog if  owners cant or wont be good neighbors they should have to deal with the police or any other concerned agency.Please remember my referance to loud music it is considered dusturbing the peace the same can be said about a contsantly barking dog.Dont make a neighber force you to remidy the  problem do it on your own.

Again Californiacondoguru - you seem to lack understanding of human nature. Passive-aggressive behavior on the part of a neighbor indicates a total lack of concern for what is going around him. People are living in his world, and not all together. If he will not communicate, the best you can get him to do is to pretend at best. You could prove to him that the world is round and he will still think its flat. What I am hearing from this poster is that his neighbor is a "rescue dog" himself. Likely many inhuman and horrible things have been done to him at a young age and he is reacting to the world from that experience. Rescue dogs bark out of fear, and usually in unfamiliar environments or when they sense hostility around them. The irony is that a formerly abused dog rarely will be mean spirited to those animals (human and other) around him. That is a behavior distinctive to humans alone. Barking dogs can be a nuisance, but angry humans can be a far more dangerous nuisance. That is why law enforcement of any type stays clear unless the case is very obvious. They don't want to create a problem or make one worse. You say that communication is two sided. It seems clear that the poster has made attempts at communication, but the opposition has ignored them. He is not expecting the neighbor to contact him, but rather he is expecting the neighbor to accept his overtures for communication. When you ask to talk and are ignored, the only sensible thing to do is keep your distance. You can't teach people who are unwilling to listen. You have to go about your day and take your cues from him. But to adopt a rescue dog is an admirable thing to do. You sacrifice a great deal of time and effort to help what most humans deem inferior. If only there were more open minded people like that in the world!

get real a dog being aloud to bark until it reaches the definition of  a nuisance animal as described by state or local agency  is no different then a human making the same amount of noise the police dont want to deal with the problem because the laws are not as clearly defined and almost always put the burden of proving what should clearly be defined as a criminal offense/disturbing the peace on the offended party and its not police your keeping up notice I didnt blame the dog its an owner problem the noise must not bother you new laws are needed to clearly define the issue so neighbors dont have to sue or call police or start petitions to force owners to be quit putting there feelings for there animals above a persons rights to enjoy there properties free from disturbing noise no matter the source be it human or canine and again it is a owner problem control your dog  in a acceptable manner dont put your rights of owners ship above other humans rights quit acting like there is no problem or solution to this offensive behavior if  dog cant be trained do whats right and find the proper solution even if it is hard for you to do no person has the right to infringe on right to quite and undisturbed sleep owners find your own solution but find it quick




































I tried many solutions to the dog barking issue. I have owned two dog. I tried the shock collar once, will never do again. I've recorded my 2nd dog barking an it i very short intervals, I did this for two weeks straight anytime I went out and he was alone. Conclusion, he barks as i leave for a minute then stops. every so often you catch a quick bark that lasts less than minute. My neighbor has repeatedly called the cops and animal control, my favorite is during my volunteer time,I worked at shelter he had called. I come home fromwork feeddog, walkdog,andtakea 15 minute drive andsoon as i gettoshelter neighborhad already calledsaying mydog has beenbarking an hour straight when my dog was not with me for a total of  15 minutes.

So you all knowing make these people lose their animals you tell me, EVERYONE with a complaint isa saint? How would you like to be told your baby cries all night, yo need to drop him a shelter because it's disturbing the peace? Because for some people a dog is family.


I've been more than compliant, I've done what I can, so unless you have some MIRACLE way to make a dog stop barking without causing him pain you tell me.

This lawsuit nonsense is just that, nonsense. Just more people wanting money at the expense of others, you should be ashamed of yourselfs.

I'm aware that some owners are irresponible but to stereotype all owners who havea dog that bark is just ignorant. When a person is trying they are trying, you can't expect a frakking miracle change of heart, and

you want to infringe on a freedom of companion animals?

You make me sick with your one sides linear thinking.

Put yourself in someones shoes.

Don't misinterpret, I'm not insulting you,merely asking you to look at both sides o the coin.


Last note, if the owner is negligent, whole different ball game.

if an animal is can be shown to fall under the definition of nuisance animal most owners are aware or not paying proper attention to the dogs the owner is the party guilty of infringing on the writes of others by allowing the noise to happen most justify there actions or inaction's to I tried it didnt work what does everybody expect from me nothing can be done its imposable so i am done trying this  attitude results jn the dog being thrown out back so it lessen the owners exposure to the noise and at least from there view point problem solved I mean after all they tried right no wrong control your animals it is your responsibility just like feeding watering and poop clean up if you cant or wont train the dog keep inside so you are the injured party not your neighbors I realize people love there animals but sometimes you have to do something tough to do whats right and it could be a teaching lesson for children in the homes to always do whats right even if it hurts  BOTTOM LINE IF YOU CANT TRAIN YOUR DOG TO BE QUITE AND YOU WONT PUT IT IN YOUR HOUSE BECAUSE OF WHAT EVER THE REASON YOU SHOULD NOT BE ALOUD THE PRIVILEGE OF ANIMAL OWNERSHIP and just a note if some one aloud their baby to cry constantly and did not finds out why and fix the problem quickly the police would more than likely get involved its called abuse please quit comparing animals to humans

my last not most dogs bark when they are not getting enough or the proper attention this includes traing in the proper amounts and when they are young and to me not doing this is animal abuse after all your inabilty to control your animal might get it put to sleep


I sincerely doubt the motives or rationale from anyone who can say, "a "neighber" force you to "remidy" the problem". First of all: learn the English language, it will help your persuasive power enormously. Next: please contain the anger. You have no idea of what kind of situation this guys dogs are creating. The "neighbers" May not even hear it and it is a problem to no one. Sorry, but between your anger and total illiteracy, I seriously doubt you are doing nothing here but trying to bully someone who is asking for help for a real problem.
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