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Barking Dogs

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Terms like selfishness, rudeness and arrogance are a little strong.  Personally I saw none of those in his/her comment.  Since when is wanting to enjoy peace and quiet in one's home a sign of selfishness?  Its also not an issue of "getting his way" - people have a right to peace and quiet in their homes, and barking dogs constitute a public nuisance.  That's why the analogy with a crying baby is so laughable - crying babies aren't considered a public nuisance.  Barking dogs are.  You are asking for the victim to show compassion to the perpetrator.  Seems backwards to me.   

The people with non-stop barking are selfish. rude, and arrogant are words to repeat to yourself while looking in the mirror. The Problem is YOU.


You really believe that a neighbor with barking dogs will listen to yo? Where do you live.? On earth?


Try to "talk to all of the neighbors."...I'm laughing how naieve you are, 


I hope to one day see a HUMAN HUMANE SOCIETY...a society that put the well-being of humans before animals,


btw, I own three large dogs that never bark...We give them lots of love and attention. Our son has pit-bull, lives in an apartment building, and never barks either. She gets more love and attention that any human or dog wants or need.


It is the rotten owners of animals direct some time to play with them, the dogs can change


Well said.  I'm glad you pointed out that you're a dog owner yourself.  It shows that this isn't a divided between dog owners vs non dog owners, but rather people who have consideration for other people's feelings vs everyone else.

I am the owner of a barking dog and am very sympathetic to your complaints. My dog is a rescue and I have own him now for 16 months. My neighbor who has the issue is under the belief I am not doing anything to resolve the issue. He has been very passive aggressive in dealing with the issue and does not seem to be aware of my efforts. My dog is extremely smart and my measures are effective for a short period of time and then the dog will learn. The bottom line, if my neighbor would communicate with me he might know I am concernned and am trying to be a good neighbor and attempting to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

My question to the person with the rescue dog who expects the bothered neighbor to come to him or her is: why don't you communicate with your neighbor who is bothered by the barking dog and is acting as you say "passive aggressive". You could let them know you are working on a solution. You could even provide them some information on your pet - that it is a rescue dog, and any literature that you have that indicates it takes time, and let them know what measures you are taking. If a person's attitude changes, the extent of what they consider a nuisanance may change also. And communication is two sided, not one. Expecting someone else to contact you when you know the problem is coming from something your end is not the answer.  

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