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The new pool is beautiful and the grounds are looking good!  It has taken a lot of work to get there, but our community is finally taking on a fresh, well-maintained look. Once the vacant lots and park area are all mowed and the street/sidewalk repairs completed on N. Pomona Ave, the neighborhood will  once again return to a place we can be proud to call home. 


It's great to see repairs being made and things improving instead of empty promises and little or poor/no maintenance.  It is reassuring to know we will be getting what we're paying for in exchange for HOA dues. 


North Creek has been treated like a 'stepchild' for way too long but it looks like we're on the road to recovery.

Can anyone tell me the name or contact info for the new president of the board?  I am very upset that we are not being allowed use of the pool and would like to contact him directly rather than going by rumors or bothering other people with it.

Sarah -


I believe the new president of our HOA's name is Nick something.  Contact Trudy Littleton at and she can tell you.  I have heard it is still being decided how access to the pool can be handled without making it open to trespassers.


Would you please let me know what he has to say if you talk to him?  I would appreciate it very much.  Thanks.

The pool is solely to be used to boost property values and is not to be actually used at any time. Didn't they tell you that when you bought your house? You do want what is best for the neighborhood right?



A little Wednesday morning humor.... :)

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