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Mailbox Destruction Continues

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For the sixth time in seven months, we have had to replace our mailbox--the second time we've had to also replace the post---the umpteenth time having had to repair the cross-beam supporting the box.
The first two times (in December of 2006) were results of vehicle accidents related to slippery ice and some inexperienced drivers misjudging the curve; but ever since then, the attacks have been deliberate acts of vandalism.
Out of frustration and due to the financial loss, we have reported the last two incidents to CSPD (the same footprint appeared on both downed boxes). The two combined incidents have raised the charge level significantly.
Luckily, I guess, we have always purchased locking steel mailboxes at no small expense, which so far have managed to keep the mail inside despite their own destruction. At this point, however, our patience is extremely thin.
The CSPD officer suggested steel posts or stone enclosure type boxes to help deter these ''vandals on foot'' from having such an easy target, so we need some HOA guidance to help us out in exploring this option.
The vandalism has happened every single time during the afternoon from 1-3...the footprints on the box slightly larger than mine (6.5 women's size), and wider, probably indicating a young man. Alcohol was present in bottles from the incident today, left on the street(July 18), (Mike's Hard Lemonade that was being carried around in an IBC Rootbeer carton).
Naturally,anyone who's seen what has happened is welcome to contact us or the police. None of the other mailboxes in our area have been harmed to this degree or at this frequency---so the police are considering this as a personally directed act.
Please keep your mail safe...lock it up and shred what you need to. Although this incident is apparently directed, so many are not---or, worse, involve the Federal crime of mail theft as well as the threat of identity theft.

Take care of yourselves!
Thanks to those who've driven by the house and offered sympathy...and to our great surrounding neighbors who are keeping their eyes ''peeled''.
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Thanks for posting this concern to widen the scope on neighbors looking out for this type of vandalism.  As a member of the Board, I am glad I noted this on the website today as I do not recall getting an e-mail regarding the incident.  I will forward your note to Patt Webb for wider dispersal thru the e-mail system.  In the meantime, our most recent covenant vote increased the options on mailboxes slightly. You also did not mention your address (street name and general locale).  We can encourage the police patrol to make a point of driving by more frequently.    Jane Peck

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