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Was there anything I missed for the Yard Sale?

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I did all that I could think of for the yard sale. I asked for any assistance possible from the neighborhood, gratefully I did get a few responses. I hope the event goes off without a hitch and the weather works out for us. I’m going to start putting price tags on my stuff now. Thank you to the people that helped out and put up the flyers for our ‘word of mouth’ plan for advertising. I hope someone looks at the online yard sale listings and I hope that they attract customers. I hope that Rev. Timberlake is true to her word and has the barbeque as planned. I first contacted her in February and she was very positive about the event. When I called her on this Wednesday about if the ‘Safe House’ could be set up in the churches parking lot, she told me that she cancelled the barbeque. This was a severe blow to me. I was shaken to my core and I began to second guess everything that I had done so far, hence this posting. Maybe next year we will have the money to put the adds in local news papers. Maybe I have tried to do too much or that there is just no interest in this and I should just drop this idea entirely. I just wanted some feedback that’s all.

then I go and put more advertising on Craig's list Indiana shopper, what a putz

I missed the fact that without any help from anyone, no matter how much I asked for help, I can not do this alone, so next year someone elst better step up because I am not chairing this combined yard sale again.  Because of the lack of participation, so many families said they would do something, yet we had 8 homes this year, as opposed to the 20 last year, screw this.  I will no longer work this hard for people that won't help.  YES I AM A PUTZ!  But the sad thing is that no one reads this so I am actually just typing to myself, because people lie about reading this and going to this Web site.  I guess I really do care or I wouldn't even do this.  Good bye!

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I'll help you next year, Mr. Janowski.  I  promise!  Just contact me.  You know I've always wanted to be a Morningside person.  Maybe I can be an honorary one by helping.  Just e-mail me.Smile

Take care,  J.B.

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