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Long time resident of Morningside. My family moved into the subdivision in the early summer of 1952. My father was a local businessman, founded Gary Camera; my mother was an artist, photographer, columnist for the Gary Post-Tribune. One of the reasons for moving into the area was that Lew Wallace was close by. At that time it was k-12, my brother was fortunate to attend all grades at Lew Wallace. I attended kindergarten at Wallace, but was sent to newly opened Melton Grade School for First through 6th grade 8 blocks to the west. By that time Bailly Junior High School was opened and I attended 7th and 8th grades there 10 blocks to the east. Finally after long last I became a Lew Wallace Hairnet! That was always a joke with me, we were the L.W. HORNETS, a name derived from the fact that the walls were probably infested with them.

My first impression of high school was that whereas Bailey was a newly designed school; enameled metal walls; planned room design; outside walls of glass with poorly designed windows who’s net effect was to ‘broil the kiddies in summer and freeze dry them in winter’; Lew Wallace on the other hand was constructed with thick glazed concrete blocks, bricks and concrete; two outer brick buildings; an assortment of wooden temporary buildings and all the rooms and hallways with an ambient humidity level of 237% above the outside air. I am surprised that when one kid coughed in the art room on the west side of the building, my old kindergarten classroom, that the goldfish swimming in Miss Lemon’s slate fish tanks in the east side Biology room she occupied for 40 years didn't catch the cold and go belly up ten minutes later!


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